Al-Qaeda training manual posted on DOJ website

  Wow!  Pretty amazing stuff!  The DOJ has posted an al-Qaeda training manual that was recovered in Manchester, England.  Of course it has been heavily redacted because according to the DOJ site “it (DOJ) does not want to aid in educating terrorists or encourage further acts of terrorism.”  The manual can be accessed here.  I haven’t really gone through it yet and found out about it in this news story from the BBC.  Apparently some Brits are up in arms that the DOJ would publish this.  I would have to side firmly with the DOJ, but then knowledge and public access to it is extremely important to me.  I am unsure how long this will remain up or whether the British government will make a formal request to have it removed.  If you are interested in reading it, I would recommend doing so quickly.

6 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda training manual posted on DOJ website

  1. For a terrorist training manual it’s awfully long winded. I was hoping to learn how to build a nuclear bomb out of duct tape and kitchen appliances, but it seems I’ll have to look somewhere else for that, like the public library.

    Seriously, it’s probably not a good idea to put an Al-Queda training manual on the DOJ website, even in its butchered safe-for-viewing form. I can see why the Brits want it removed. If people do want to read it, it’s probably hosted on a hundred other sites by now.

  2. I’m not sure what the Brits would be upset about, it’s not like you can just walk into your local mosque over there and pick up the paperback copy.

  3. I’m not sure what the Brits would be upset about, it’s not like you can just walk into your local mosque over there and pick up the paperback copy.

    Actually, since the document appears to have origins from the 1980’s you can probably pick up a more detailed version at your local bookstore.  The government probably uses them for bait.  Besides, the whole thing reads much like the Old Testament.

    As far as having it published on the DOJ website, why not?  The only other place I think would be more appropriate would be the HSA website.  Having it come from the DOJ gives the document some authenticity all the while making citizens more aware of the strategies used by fundamentalist groups.

    Next on the list they should publish the Jehovah’s Witness indoctrination manual.

  4. This has been up on the website for a long, long, long time now.  It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  (This document’s release was encouraged by Ashcroft, actually.)

    So, relax.

    alQaeda has, ever since Afghanistan, been redacting “Lessons” at a feverish pace.  This is part of their new modus operandi.  If you read common Arabic, then there’s even more out there that’s 100 times worse on both publicly operated and and privately run Jihadi websites, or just rummage around their forums for even better “tips and tricks.”

    Releasing such documents, i think, is a good, wise idea.  The West’s public needs a good dose of reality, no matter how unpleasant to their otheriwse medicated, fat, consumerist lives.

    Wake up.

  5. (Sorry to double-post, but thought this might interest…),1284,59897,00.html

    With the Taliban out of Afghanistan and governments around the world restricting access to al-Qaida-linked websites, would-be militant Islamic holy warriors are turning to low-tech electronic message boards to find out where to fight.

    Interestingly, alQaeda is increasingly less keen about these forums, due to obvious security risks.  Instead, they are used for intra-Islamic agitation, propaganda, and occassionally recruitment—- and less and less for “operational communications.”  Word of mouth, flower pots on decks, and other decidely pre-electronic forms of communication are now maniacly enforced, even at the foot-soldier level.

  6. The Anarchist’s Cookbook, The Legion of Doom Technical Journals and Phrack are much more interesting and certainly more dangerous than that.  That mostly seemed like common sense junk.  I wonder what good stuff got left out.

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