A Moment of Silence For The Late, Great James Doohan

That’s right folks, “Scotty”, the chief engineer aboard the USS Enterprise, died Wednesday. Granted, some might say we shouldn’t morn his passing as he was only an actor but he was, in reality, much more. A WWII veteran, James Doohan joined the Canadian Army just prior to the outbreak of war and even landed at Juno Beach as an artillery lieutenant with the first assault wave. He and his unit fought their way up the beach and through an anti-tank minefield were he was later machine-gunned taking six hits: four in the leg, one severing his right middle finger(which he managed to hide onscreen), and one to the chest which was stopped only by his silver cigarette case. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, it sucks that he’s dead and I thought he deserved more than just a blip on the news.

5 thoughts on “A Moment of Silence For The Late, Great James Doohan

  1. Dude! I know how you feel. I ended up finding out thanks to my newsreader, and only then because I tend to watch it obsessively.

    He deserves better.

  2. Maybe it is for the best, I mean how many hackneyed editorial cartoons would be drawn with Scotty on his communicator saying something pithy like “beam me up God.” I for one saw enough of those when Reagan died.

  3. It truly is a pity. I was (and still am) a huge fan of the Star Trek series, especially the originals. At least im glad that my local news station gave him a decent 10-minute tribute during the news (sort of a shortened ‘life & times’ section).

    Rest in Peace, Scotty.

  4. I think the news here gave a pretty good rundown on his remarkable life. I was fascinated to learn of his wartime experiences and that he wished his remains to be sent into space.

  5. Wow!  I never knew “Scotty” was such a badass!

    (At least until the “Shuttle Craft Veterans For Truth” publish their smear piece on him…)

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