What is the “Bad Wolf” in the new Doctor Who series?

That’s the question a lot of fans have been asking themselves. In every episode aired to date the words “Bad Wolf” keep showing up over and over again. Some of the references have been relatively subtle, but a couple have been hit-you-over-the-head making it clear that there’s some significant meaning behind the phrase.

The BBC has even gone so far as to set up a Bad Wolf website that lists the references, theories, and revelations made so far. On it we get word from producer Russell T Davies that no one has even come close to figuring it out yet:

Have you solved the mystery of Bad Wolf, the cryptic hidden message spread across this season of Doctor Who?

Well, no. You haven’t. At least, not according to Executive Producer Russell T Davies, who has been keeping an eager eye on the various theories about who or what the Bad Wolf could be:

“Judging from the reactions I’ve had, a lot of people seem to think the Bad Wolf has already been revealed. Oh, it’s the TV station. Oh, it’s half a million Daleks. I’ve even got one friend claiming it’s the Face of Boe! I must get better friends.

“I don’t want to give anything away yet, but there is another revelation to come in Saturday’s episode. We haven’t discovered the true Bad Wolf yet.”

There’s only one episode left in this season to air in the U.K. this coming Saturday and it looks to be a doozy. Since we had to cancel the cable TV due to my unemployment I’ve had to resort to downloading the episodes off the Net, but once the BBC gets off their ass and decides to release a box set here in the States I’ll make it a point to snag it. Still the advantage to downloading the shows is that I’m up to date on what’s happened so far.

To say that the new series has definitely won me over is an understatement. I’m really bummed that Eccleston is only doing the one season as he’s done a marvelous job. The two-parter episode Empty Child and The Doctor Dances were just amazing and episode 6, Dalek, is probably my favorite so far. I’m really looking forward to what comes next.

So I have my theories on who or what the Bad Wolf is, what do you folks who’ve watched the series think?

Update: Incidentally, one of the links I listed above is to Bad Wolf Hunting on Scott’s Place which has an excellent summary of the various Bad Wolf references, but links to more info as well as more “alternate reality” websites the BBC has setup including an online blog maintained by Mickey, Rose’s boyfriend in the series. It’s probably the best summary up to episode 11 of the series so check it out if you want more info. The folks behind the new series are certainly going above and beyond to make it interesting.

2 thoughts on “What is the “Bad Wolf” in the new Doctor Who series?

  1. It’s possible that this “Bad Wolf” is the Master, though it would take some explaining as to how he escaped both being sucked into the eye of Harmony and the extinction, besides the Doctor, of his entire species, and I don’t think that RTD would risk the new, starting over feel that he’s given the show by bringing in a classic character, nor do I want him to, as much as I loved every bit about the original show, one of its failings was that it too bogged down in time-lording, removing them was the best thing the writers of this new series could have done (and given that Anthony Ainsley and Roger Delgado are both dead, you’d have to get a new brilliant actor to play him).

    The same goes for Davros, it’d be cool to hear his name mentioned by a Dalek or by the Doctor, but I wouldn’t want to see him return.

    Hopefully, the Bad Wolf is something new and original, and totally awesome.

  2.   I am so far behind on Dr Who.  What a shame.  I remember watching it back in the Pertwee years.  Hehe, I was disappointed when Baker took over! cheese  Then, of course, I liked Baker.  I haven’t seen this series in like 20 years- so much missed…

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