What do you think?

Too evil?

26 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Chief, shhhhh! No one’s supposed to know about those.

    Mr. D, Hadn’t gotten that far yet. Was just playing around to see what I could come up with that might make for a bit of a change. J1 tells me it’s downright creepy. I find it an amusing picture, but it still has to pass the “Wife Test.”

    If my wife can’t handle looking at it each time she visits my site then I have to change it. wink

  2. If my wife can’t handle looking at it each time she visits my site then I have to change it.

    You mean that’s not a come hither look you’re giving?

    Now that I look at the image seriously, the text stands out a little strong but if that’s what you’re going for then alrighty.

  3. I said it last time, I’ll say it again: don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. We (I) like your old pic.

  4. Why isn’t my gravatar visible anymore? The other people’s work just fine…

    I’m not logged in, but should that be any issue?

  5. Chief, it looks kinda come-hithery to me.

    Ingolfson, no idea. It should be. I’ve got SEB set up to display your EE Avatar if you have one or your Gravatar if you don’t. Have you changed your email address recently? I’ll double check the code.

  6. Les,

    That’s a good head shot, but I’m telling you, it would look better in the center with your hands fading in from the sides and sort of clutching the ends of the SEB logo.
    That’s just my humble opinion…..but I’m right!
    I need to go get my hairs cut. Everybody stay cheesy and take it easy.

  7. All you have to do is consider the name of the site.  The more evil the picture the better!

  8. I think my first comment was that you had a serious Anton Lavey thing going.

    And I think you look entirely too much like THIS guy

    But downright creepy works too. smile

    I think the current one makes you look almost serene and quite intelligent.  This one is quite a bit more evil.  I like it.  grin 

    I think it makes it even harder to sneak in SEB-checking at the office.

    I agree, but I tend to scroll down to typically the 2nd entry when I go here.

  10. Yeah I forgot about the office thing. OK, I’ll have to come up with something a bit more subtle. grin

  11. You should do that trick that I’ve seen done in a few other places. When the page first comes up, there could be a picture of you looking all peaceful and dignified. After looking at it for 20-30 seconds, It quickly morphs into an evil version and screams at whoever is looking at it like this one here….


  12. Quasi-Evil

    Man, when’d you get the beak-tweek? Been fighting in the bars again? smile

    I vote for keeping the original.

  13. I think one the most approriate pictures “would be available” when you wake up to ringing phone in day when you were intending to sleep long.
    (even better if it was wrong number)

  14. GD, got that bent nose during my early teen years. It normally looks fairly straight until I smile and then it gets bent all out of shape. I’ve looked into having my deviated septum corrected in part to clear up some of my snoring, but now that I’m sans medical insurance it’s not happening anytime soon.

    Besides, the description of the surgery gave me the willies.

  15. Looks Great, not come-hithery at all. But I got to tell you…those two long hairs sticking off the top of your left eyebrow are bugging the shit out of me.

  16. I love that font.  Did you make that yourself or did you download that?

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