We are officially beta testing ExpressionEngine 1.3.

OK folks, we’re now running on the official beta release of ExpressionEngine 1.3 and we need to give it a good work out to make sure we catch any bugs that may be lingering. This release brings a lot of new goodies with it not the least of which is an improved and expanded member profile area which you can access by clicking on the View Your Profile link in the sidebar after logging in. New additions include the ability to specify an Avatar (making my Gravatar plugin unnecessary now) and upload a Photo of yourself, define a signature, and specify whether you want to see avatars and signatures in entries. You can also now send Private Messages to any registered member through your profile page. Plus all of those settings also affect the new ExpressionEngine Forum Module which we’ll be testing right here.

Additionally members who submit entries for consideration will notice that the publish screen has change a bit. Some of the functions that were displayed along the right hand side of the entry form have been moved to tabs along the top. There’s also a new Spelling Checker built into the publish form along with a new Glossary feature that will aid in entering HTML code and various entities such as the © and ™ symbols. Be sure to click on the Category tab before submitting an entry to set the category it’ll be displayed in. There’s a whole bunch of other changes I’ve not even had a chance to look into yet, but hope to get to soon. I wanted to let you guys know, though, in case you happen across a bug or wonder why something suddenly looks different. So beat on it a bit and see what happens.

One more thing: The SEB Reviews blog is down for the moment as there’s something in the PHP code that the new version of EE doesn’t like causing it to render a blank page. The same thing was happening on the main site here so I’ve removed that code for the time being. Once I figure out what’s going on I’ll get it back up and running.

21 thoughts on “We are officially beta testing ExpressionEngine 1.3.

  1. Grats, Les. =)

    Just as as side-note, I don’t think that the avatars make gravatar moot – you can show both (I intend to) and the point of them is not having to deal with avatars on individual sites.  I think that a lot of people will (and enjoy) using different avatars on different sites – but I still think Gravatar has a place. wink

  2. Must… Get… EE.

    Just out of interest, how was the transistion to EE from Pmachine Pro? (which I’m stuck on at the mo).

    I wish they would put in features to let you customise the CAPTCHA image some how (change font and/or colours). That would be awesome.


  3. Andy, I’ve never used pMachine myself. Prior to ExpressionEngine I was running MovableType for the first couple of years this blog was around. The switch over from that had a couple of bumps as they were improving the MT Import script at the time, but all things considered it went pretty well.

    DOF, I haven’t had any problems with FireFox crashing under the new system myself, but keep up updated if it happens again.

  4. Damn … I wish I could have gotten in on the beta. I do understand why it is limited. But in my previous beta experiences, I ran into hardly any problems. The ones I did were already reported by someone else. Oh well.

    Now to try to remain patient for the full release, I guess. Do we have a final price for the forum module yet? As impatient as I am, I have a client who is even worse off and is driving me crazy! “Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet???”

  5. Milamber, the avatar not fitting is a symptom on my crappy CSS design skills, not a problem with EE. I think I designed the boxes for the maximum Gravatar size of 80×80, but the default for EE is 100×100. A small nudge of the code is all it’ll take for me to fix that.

    LissaKay, I haven’t heard of a final price on the forum module as of yet, but as soon as I do I’ll mention it here and you can bet it’ll be posted on the EE homepage. grin

    Oh, and Lisa, I was debating setting things up to use both Gravatar and EE’s Avatars, but haven’t had a chance to sit down and work out how to pull that off without duplicate avatars all over the place.

  6. Les,
    When I first logged in tonight, only Frumpa’s gravatar was visible. I updated my profile and my avatar appeared,after logging off and then on.

  7. Leguru, I’ve stopped using Gravatars for the moment so that’s why a lot of the folks who had them previously aren’t showing them now. I’ll probably look into putting some code in the template that will check to see if they have an avatar and, if not, then default to the Gravatar instead.

  8. Les, I just tried to link to [go] at the end of your last comment, and it timed out. The good news is that we are giving it a good run. LOL

  9. There does seem to be some time issues though on my end the site itself actually seems to be displaying faster than it did previously (probably because I yanked the reviews PHP code out of the template), but posting and updating entries is taking a lot longer.

    Anyone else having problems with displaying of the site timing out on them like Leguru is experiencing?

  10. OK, I’ve got things worked out so that the site will now use your EE avatar if you have one defined or your Gravatar if you don’t.

  11. Well there’s no reason you can’t pick up a copy if you’d like. It’s definitely worthwhile software. Takes some adjusting to when you’re used to how MT does things, but once you get your head around it it’s not too tough.

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