Three years later he writes to complain I’ve been unfair.

Almost three years ago I wrote this pissed off entry about someone spamming the guest book I had on my Jenkins Online site with porn links. This was back when spamming websites indiscriminately by unethical companies was just starting to become common so it was a new thing to have happen and I was pretty angry about it. I took the time to try and track down the owner of the URLs so I could dash off an angry email and the only name and email address I could come up with at the time was for a Mr. Andrew Birch who was listed as the technical contact in the DNS registry for the URLs that were left in my guest book. So I dashed off an angry email, deleted the spam from the guest book, and promptly forgot about it.

Needless to say you can imagine my surprise when I got the following email this morning:

    Hi Les,
    I have been informed of this entry on your website

    Firstly I totally agree with your comments, but you have the wrong person. We are a ISP and business service provider, we also register thousands of domains for our clients, one of which was Call Systems. This company is no longer one of our clients and it appears they have not updated their domain record, I will be notifying them of this immediately.

    The person who you need to contact at call systems is a Peter Hutchinson, his email is

    Would you please be kind enough to correct your article to the true person responsible for this is correctly named.

    I would also like to say, if you had written to me before judging me you would have fingered the correct person from the start rather than wrongly accusing an innocent person. You can read more about the company I work for at

    I look forward to your response.

    Andrew Birch

Well isn’t that just fucking peachy? Check the extended entry for the reply I sent back.


    You’re a bit late to the game, don’t you think? I don’t know if you noticed, but I wrote that entry almost three years ago on July 11, 2002 and I did go ahead and send an angry email off to the sole address I had managed to track down at the time. Perhaps it never got to you or perhaps you ignored it, but I took the time to write it just the same. This was back at the start of the despicable trend by various unethical types of spamming every website’s guestbook they could find with links for whatever crap they thought they could sell and thusly a new experience. You’ll note that my main site no longer has a guestbook and that a lot has changed in three years.

    Yes, I’ll update the entry in question to point out that, three years later, you bothered to show up and offer an explanation, but not an apology. I fingered the only person I could track down as being responsible for the domain name in question. Perhaps you should be more careful which domain names you attach your name to in the future if you’d rather not be associated with disreputable companies. Whatever damage my little entry may have caused to your reputation has been in place for several years yet it can’t be too significant if you’re just now getting around to worrying about it. You’ll understand if I’m less than convinced by your email that you should be absolved of any lingering annoyance I may hold for you.

    Les Jenkins

I must admit that having this brought up now is bringing out some lingering annoyance. It annoys me enough as it is that there are assholes out there who are callous enough to spam websites indiscriminately in order to make a buck, but it annoys me even more that the people who willingly engage in business with those assholes have the audacity to show up and whine about being associated with said assholes. It’s entirely possible that Mr. Birch was unaware of his client’s activities and I wouldn’t doubt that he gave no overt approval to them, but he would’ve done better to have started off with an apology than the subtle demand that I “correct the record” after so long a period of time.

So I’ll update the entry and point out that the company is no longer a client of Mr. Birch’s and that he took three years to get around to saying anything about it, but I don’t think I’ll be singing his praises anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Three years later he writes to complain I’ve been unfair.

  1. Not like it’s the first time I’ve come off as kind of prick, but then I think it’s somewhat warranted in this situation.

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