Third series for new “Doctor Who” confirmed.

As the final episode in the new Doctor Who series prepares to air this Saturday in the U.K. word comes that the BBC has commissioned a third series in addition to a second Christmas special. Here’s some details from Outpost Gallifrey:

At tonight’s BAFTA screening of “The Parting of the Ways,” the final episode of this first series of “Doctor Who,” producer Russell T Davies and BBC executive Jane Tranter announced that a third series of the show has now been commissioned, including a second Christmas special. They also noted that Billie Piper (Rose) would be in all the episodes of the second series, although whether she would return for the third was apparently still being discussed, and that John Barrowman (Captain Jack) will be returning to the series next year but will not appear in the first block of episodes. (Says our correspondent, Barrowman was also in the audience at the screening, and when Davies announced his return, he yelled out, “And I’m willing to get naked again, too!”)

Also mentioned at the BAFTA screening was a title for this year’s Christmas special: The Christmas Invasion. That, and the season two block of thirteen episodes, will go into production in July. More details as we get them.

Update 15 June 2230 GMT: CBBC News has confirmed the story. Says the report, “Just days before the current run of the sci-fi show is due to end, its makers have revealed that there are at least two more series to come. … In addition to two more series, there will also be Christmas specials for 2005 and 2006, the show’s makers said. That means Dr Who fans have a total of 28 more episodes to look forward to when the current series ends. Billie Piper will continue playing Rose until at least the end of series two. … The show’s main writer, Russell T Davies, said: ‘What was most pleasing is that people have been watching this series as a family. I think a children’s show should have a full range of emotions including grief and comedy.’ A few hints have also been dropped as what viewers can expect from the new episodes: The new doctor will have a new outfit, we’ll be seeing more of Rose’s boyfriend and her mum, and scary aliens called the Cybermen will be making a return.”

I was hoping we’d see a return of the Cybermen. With the phenomenal job they’ve done reinventing the Daleks I can’t wait to see what they do with the Cybermen. We’ve just finished watching the episode titled Bad Wolf and it was fantastic. I just hope Eccelston’s replacement is able to keep up the quality of the new series.

8 thoughts on “Third series for new “Doctor Who” confirmed.

  1. Absolutely brilliant show – but I really like this Doctor! Jeebers it shits me – typecast my arse;this guy can truly act – see “Elizabeth”for more of this dude;his character is no smiling Doctor,thats for sure!
    The soundtrack however has been altered unforgivingly! The whole twangy cool change of pace in the middle of the old tracks been totally removed(Although I do like the rest,I guess) – For a fantastic version,see Orbitals “Doctor?” *WARNING-DANCE MUSIC!*

  2. I’m ecstatic at the news that Ms Piper will be returning for season two, as brilliant as Cristopher Ecclestone is, his acting credits had been well established in numerous movies and films, for me, the entire show revolved around whether Billie Piper would turn in a good performance, and she’s delivered. This also means that my favourite character and near namesake Micky the idiot should be back for season two, so hurrah!

    Oh, and I remember that awesome version of the theme, so much so that when it was released I went out and bought the album just to get it (and on a side note, it was the most requested track on the public youth radio station I listen to – Triple J – for at least a couple of months).

  3. That’s Awsome! I love Dr’ Who and I’m addicted to the new series already!

    Speaking of series. Up here in Canada we’re having our Canadian Idol special. There’s a Fucken Moffatt that’s on the next weeks Group 2 show. Dave Moffatt shouldn’t be on there. He hade his chance and blew it. Come to my site and place your vote on how you feel about that.

  4. Les I got my last comment returned to me via Email.
    Is that something you did ?, did I violate a term on your site ? I don’t mean to use this post as a
    surogate channel, but I went for it. By the way I live close and would do brakes on your car for free.
    To meet the legend … the SEB himself !.

  5. You got it returned via email? Can your forward to me so I can see what it looked like? I wasn’t even aware EE could do something like that. grin

  6. I’ve just sat and watched the final episode (Parting of the Ways) and all I can say is whoa. I don’t want to spoil it for you but the ending is something out of this world, and I think it’s possibly a first for Doctor Who, although I can’t be sure as I haven’t seen many of the old ones.

  7. Andy, I plan to download it later today once I get home from my parent’s place.

    Basil, forgot to mention that I don’t need my brakes worked on at this point, though I did have the passenger side windshield wiper stop working recently. You wouldn’t happen to know how to fix those, would you?

  8. I promised myself I would have to stop downloading Dr Who episodes some time ago (the airing of Dalek) when the series was picked up by Australias very own ABC. That way I could watch it first with my family, every one of them a Dr Who fanboy or fanchick, but I’m having a crisis here since if I stay on the wagon, I’ll have to wait some six weeks to see the conclusion.

    Oh well, I just wont tell anyone, it worked with Lost.

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