The Great Internet Music Meme 2005.

Is it just me or are meme’s getting to be more aggressive? It used to be you’d see a meme on someone else’s blog and think to yourself, “Gee. That’s kinda neat. I think I’ll do it on my blog.” Now the damned things hunt you down and practically demand that you participate by having one of its prior victims pick 3 or 5 or 56 other people they’d like to inflict said meme upon and you happen to be one of them. How pretentious is that? How rude and obnoxious can a meme possibly be?

OK, what the hell. Who am I to ignore a meme that’s so needy it practically begs to be done? This one came to me via Lee of neurotwitch and it involves talking about your music and potentially incriminating yourself to the RIAA. Sounds like fun.

Seeing as everyone else who’s done this so far (that I’ve seen) has taken the time to talk about their musical tastes I figure I should probably do the same. For the most part I’m stuck in the 80’s and early 90’s pop music as I rarely listen to commercial radio these days because, by and large, it tends toward maximum suckage and many of the DJ’s are so imbecilic that I risk bashing the living shit out of my radio with whatever large and blunt object happens to be nearby after listening to them for more than two nanoseconds. I can almost feel my IQ points dropping like the Titanic when I have no choice but to be exposed to what passes for a “morning show” on most stations these days. As for performers, there are a few current artists I like, but in general it’s all a lot of noise these days. You can imagine how horrified I was the day I walked into my daughter’s room and bellowed those infamous words I once promised myself I would never say to my children—if I ever had any—TURN THAT CRAP DOWN A NOTCH BEFORE IT MELTS YOUR BRAIN.

Can I just take a moment to say that I find it particularly disturbing that music from my years as a teenager has moved from being “retro” to being “oldies” by some radio station’s standards? Thomas Dolby—quite possibly the best musical artist to ever grace this planet’s surface (told you I was a geek)—will never be “Oldies Music.” Dammit. Other favorites from that time period include: The Cars, Howard Jones, The Thompson Twins, Genesis, The Art Of Noise, Oingo Boingo, Peter Gabriel, The Petshop Boys, Supertramp, Enigma, Talking Heads, Tangerine Dream, The B-52s, Devo, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and The Police among many others which I don’t recall their names at the moment but will bust out with “Oh yeah! And THOSE guys too!” the moment anyone mentions their names.

Anyway, the bits of music I listen to that aren’t from my teenage years tends to fall into that classification of music commonly referred to as “just fucking odd.” My wife still doesn’t understand my near screaming-teenage-girlish fan devotion to They Might Be Giants, for example.  Another is blues man Dan Reeder who is probably the only blues performer I’m a fan of in part because of the excellent Work Song. His other songs tend to be, well, odd. Barenaked Ladies count as odd too in my book. Even if they are pretty popular they still have some pretty odd subject matter in their songs and I love them for it. I also have quite a collection of soundtracks from various anime series which, being Japanese, tend to be pretty odd. Beyond odd and “stuck in the 80’s/90’s” I tend to dislike most heavy metal, country and western, opera, hardcore punk, rap, and hip hop. I say “most” because there are exceptions to that rule for just about every category, but in general it applies. I’m pretty damned picky about my music.

And I must confess that I have a totally not-understandable-even-to-me love for the music of Roger Whittaker. A secret shame that I suppose isn’t all that secret anymore. Anyway, onto the meme itself:

Total volume of music on my computer:
A bit more than I had realized: 2,338 songs totaling around 13GBs of space. Probably well over a week’s total playing time. I’m not entirely sure how big my CD collection is, but I’d hazard a guess it’s around 300 or so titles and I don’t think I’ve digitized half of them yet.

The last CD I bought:
That would’ve been Dan Reeder’s self titled CD some time last year via iTunes. The one and only purchase I’ve made through iTunes because it was the cheapest price for the disc.

Song playing right now:
Barenaked Ladies – Falling For The First Time

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Nailing it down to just five is tough, but if I had to pick five in no particular order I’d go with:

Five People To Whom I’m Passing The Baton:
Ah, my chance to pass the infection ask a few others to participate. Who shall it be? I think I’ll make it Cindy, The Minx, ***Dave (because I don’t think he’s done this one and he tends to do memes), Obnoxious Bitch, and, because I’m sure she has even older oldies to talk about than I do, my mother.

Now it’s time for bed.

8 thoughts on “The Great Internet Music Meme 2005.

  1. Thanks, Les – and I mean it… because quite frankly, it’s likely to make for a pretty interesting blog entry on OB (if not a bit of DIY psychoanalysis to boot).  grin

  2. Wow Les, you and I seem to have fairly similar taste in music. I have all the tracks you mentioned. Of course with over 50GB of music that’s not all that surprising. However, a lot of the people that have done the meme report tracks of indipendant artists which I’m not all that fond of.

    I tend to enjoy the music from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. However, I have a lot of tracks from current artists too.

  3. After a week that included moving all the furniture out of the den so the remodeling can begin, getting an IV treatment, attending the Princess’ 8th grade graduation and then having a party for her, I FINALLY got the damned entry up!

    Have at it!

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