Nothing like a little “Paranoia” to keep you entertained.

The gaming session went amazingly well last even though it’s been over a decade since I last ran a big RPG session of any kind. The folks who were new to pen and paper RPGing picked up on the game pretty quickly though I’m sure the simple rules of Paranoia helped a lot in that regard. They made it about two-thirds of the way through the Me and My Shadow – Mark IV mission I’d prepared for them and most of them still had at least one clone left if not two by the time we stopped for the night. Took a camera along to get a snapshot of the group, but only remembered to use it once early in the evening before everyone had arrived. Still, here it is. Click it for a bigger pic.

2 thoughts on “Nothing like a little “Paranoia” to keep you entertained.

  1. Paranoia ROCKS! I haven’t played that in 20yrs.

    How much can a clone know befre it becomes …Too much.  The other players have become a threat to the computer. They must be destroyed! The computer is your friend!  Trust the computer. Trust no one!

  2. I cant believe you actually let some of the suckers live! – deadset,thats sacreliege in Paranoia!
    Personally I believe you can only role play properly face to face,pen & paper – as much as I love Neverwinter and WoW,I dont think most people role play in them – its a power and destruction thing!
    (I will admit though,I do love a bit of virtual fishing!)

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