Never underestimate the power of… the blog!

Seems Darth Vader has his own blog called The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster.

Darth Vader is an immaculately conceived knight-bastard imbued with magical powers who rules the known galaxy at the right hand of the merciless and brilliant Emperor Palpatine I. Though he maintains palaces on both Coruscant and Vjun, Vader spends most of his time traveling aboard Executor, the flagship of his deadly pan-galactic armada. He enjoys fixing things, listening to music, and crushing people’s tracheas with his mind.

Looks like it’s no longer being updated at this point, but it was still an entertaining read. I somehow missed it back during all the hoopla when Revenge of the Sith was out, but alert reader Jeff sent me an email with the link to check out. If you’ve not seen it yet then check it out.

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