Michael: He’s Not Guilty!!

Well, holy shit. Michael Jackson was found not guilty all all counts. He got off scot free. Amazing!

If I’m ever in trouble, I now know whom to have as my defense team.

10 thoughts on “Michael: He’s Not Guilty!!

  1. Someone hit me up via instant messenger today and asked if I was betting on which way the jury would decide, but I had to disappoint them by admitting I didn’t really care. I’ve paid as little attention to the case as I could manage given that it was pretty much all over the news.

  2. I didn’t really care either, until today. But man, I thought he’d at least get convicted on one account. Damn, I mean…damn!

  3. Didn’t the OJ trial tech you anything, Bo$$?  Or that doctor up in New England?  The rich (well, I guess Michael is technically no longer rich… lol) usually can afford to hire lawyers who can get them out of just about anything.

  4. I was being somewhat sarcasting in my last comment there. Do you really think that I think the system works? lol indeed.

  5. I do think the system works for the most part, but like any imperfect human endeavor there will always be some folks who manage to manipulate it to their favor and others who end up getting shafted by it. The best we can hope for is to minimize either occurrence as much as is humanly possible by working to improve the laws and rules involved. I try not to let my cynicism run too rampant.

  6. The fact is that the prosecutors chose a wretchedly weak case to try this. For what it’s worth, though, Jackson was revealed (even more fully than hinted at before) as the … well, part of me wants to say “sick” and part of me wants to say “pathetic” and part of me wonders what the hell I’m doing bothering to comment on the non-event of the century.

  7. Been reading the blog for a while, but this inspired me to comment.

    I agree that this is a larger issue just because he is a celebrity.  I also believe that MJ was able to “Purchase” reasonable doubt.  I also believe this type of case is very difficult to find evidence for.  This contributed to the verdict we all expected.

    The thing is, I give the prosecutors credit.  I do not believe that anybody in the world believes nothing “inappropriate” went on.  In fact, by his own admission, there were many things that are not appropriate in our moral society.

    The prosecutors had no real hope of a conviction.  Yes, they did need to have enough evidence, did need to be able to draw a rational and plausible conclusion of his actions.  They could not have made an unfounded accusation without facing major future repercussions from the defence lawyers.  The legal system works to prevent unfounded accusations and the litigation system takes care of it if it does.

    The brilliance here is, the only way to punish him was to hit him financially.  This media circus has destroyed his income, lined the lawyers pockets, and there are numerous other associated costs.  I actually think the prosecutors were successful in doing what they set out to do.  They also did it without leaving any opening for a counter unlawful prosecution lawsuit.  By admitting that he was socially inappropriate with children the court will find the prosecutors had a responsibility to proceed with the case.

    Now what does this say for civil liberty?  Can you imagine if “the Law

  8. I did follow that case because considering that long forgotten rule, “innocent until proven guilty,” I was fascinated with what I saw as a rabid prosecutor (I saw his press conference when he announced the charges) and an easy target – not that I would bet on Michael Jackson’s innocence. Anyway, his acquittal had nothing to do with money, but a very weak case based on an allegation made by people with questionable character – namely, the mother of the accuser.

    I do believe in the judicial system, I just don’t have a whole lot of faith in the people working for it, and I was surprised he was acquitted. I knew the case was weak, but I thought for sure he would be convicted for being strange.

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