Just some thoughts

Just a few thoughts for you to munch on:

First, can you imagine if Roe Vs. Wade happened in 2005? With all these activist right-wing judges, I feel that the case itself may have been aborted.

Next, I was trying to think of who is a better liar: George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. I know the answer should be obvious, but I’m just not sure. Maybe you can help me out.

Oh, yeah and Protestants are hypocrites. I mean, when John Paul II said abortion is wrong etc, they were like ‘Yeah, Pope John Paul the Great’. But when he said ‘Evolution is probably correct’, they were silent, and created shit like this.

Mike Newdow said Atheism is a religion, so we can get equal rights from SCOTUS. Is this country so bad that we have to call ourselves religious just to get treated like everyone else? I tell you, if I were an adult and French weren’t such a hard language to learn, I would SO be in France right now.

Finally, if anything I’ve said has made you depressed/sad/angry, this should cheer you up.

14 thoughts on “Just some thoughts

  1. omg … i LOVE that clip!
    … also just have to say i enjoy your posts and comments.
    … on to the meat …
    i would tend to agree with the Roe v. Wade comment.
    i think both the Shrub and Clinton are/were good liars.  i think what pisses me off most about the Shrub is not just his stance on things opposite
    of what i believe in, but his snide, pompous, arrogance about everything.  especially when someone (typically a reporter) asks him a question
    about something, his attitude is somehting along the lines of “Well, I’m in charge and you people just need to follow along and deal with it!  Quit
    asking me questions.”  I truly believe he does not comprehend quite a bit when put on the spot.
    … one last comment … i’ve put serious consideration into starting a religion called ‘Gayism’, just so we can start claiming equal
    ‘religious rights’ as well …

  2. Gayism…I can imagine its lintany of saints…

    St. Elton pray for us
    St. Freddie pray for us
    St. Guy on Brady bunch who died form AIDS…pray for us
    St. Liberace pray for us

    You should ask Brock about that.

  3. Being the Gay Pope and all, you’re certainly right to suggest that jeffercine should consult me.

    I don’t care who else you pray to; no one is gonna pray to Liberace on my watch; that’s just wrong!

    And someone should kill Tom Cruise! Please kill Tom Cruise!

    DOF, notice how I close my tags! You could learn something from me.

  4. …and STILL, IE could only handle so many tags before it wimped out. What was the name of that other browser again?

  5. What was the name of that other browser again?

    Pronzilla, or something like that.  I changed the title bar on my IE to “Internet Explorer – Only Because It’s Free”.  Outlook Express has “Outlook Express bugs and defects by Microsoft”.

    Clinton was smoother.  He could still wing it and speak decently.  Boosh just loses his train of thought, but it’s sorta funny watching him trying to think up words when he’s winging it. 

    That’s what I think and you should listen to me because Brock craps candy.

  6. Pronzilla, or something like that.

    Mozilla’s Firefox browser?  I only use that one, except for some intranet sites at work.  (i don’t understand my company sometimes.  we try so hard to steer away from Microsoft products, yet we still have people writing code just only IE.)  Btw, the Bug Me Not plugin for Firefox rocks!

  7. …and all-italics ends again. poof

    Nope, no praying to cross-dressers either.

    You’ll thank me for this edict later.

  8. IE is fuck-all!

    LOL  Hehe, I love it!!!  I can see the ad now:

      Our patented fuck-all formula will literally fuck anything!  Unwanted mother-in-law, just apply a little IE and the fuck-all will take care of her…

      If you have a decent Internet connection, download a different browser.  They aren’t too difficult to get running and configure.  I have heard good things about Opera, but I have only messed with Mozilla (other than Netscape and IE).  Firefox is supposed to be decent.  About 0.1% of the hits I register on my site are from Konquerer, but I don’t know much about it.

      Being the Gay Pope and all, couldn’t you speak to the God of Gaiety and have him zap you a better browser? tongue wink

  9. also just have to say i enjoy your posts and comments.

    That’s great but I should warn you I’m a compliment whore.

  10. And someone should kill Tom Cruise! Please kill Tom Cruise!

    Hand me a gun. As high as my hormones are running lately I would gladly be the one to take that asshole out. I am sooooooooooooo SICK of him.

  11. We think TOM CRUISE should be killed, because he’s just ugly and a bad actor! Join us and be a “Tom-Cruise-Hater”!! U will not regrett it!

  12. We think TOM CRUISE should be killed, because he’s just ugly and a bad actor!

    Well, he’s certainly a bad actor, but ugly? I wouldn’t go that far.

    By the way, Jeffercine, your avatar is adorable!  You’re a cutie. grin

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