Jesus Christ shows up in man’s bathroom. Man tries to auction him on eBay.

Jesus must be a bit of a pervert as his latest appearance is as a water stain in a Pittsburgh, PA bathroom where he stares directly at the tub and whoever’s in it. Now the owner of the tub hopes to skip the whole hordes-of-people-come-to-stare-and-claim-miracles bit and get right to the cashing-in-on-it bit by offering the stain up for auction on eBay.

I got out of the shower today and yelled, “Jesus Christ!” and my girlfriend asked me, “Oh my God what is it?” I pointed and responded, “No – Jesus Christ!”

Attached are actual photos of what I was pointing at. (sorry, Mom – I ended a sentence with a preposition, I know.)

No, these photos are not doctored.
No, these photos are not staged.

Auction winner will receive a section of plaster wall bearing the apparent face of the Son of God. No other items, promises, tidings, or guarantees are included.

Successful, winning bidder is responsible to arrange and negotiate removal and replacement of wall section at their own cost, subject to prior arrangement. Please contact seller prior to bidding with any questions.

Can’t say I blame him. If Jesus suddenly made an appearance in any water stains I happened to be the owner of I’d see if I couldn’t sell him off on eBay as well. If there’s people willing to buy Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwiches then surely there must be a marker for Jesus Christ Water Stains. Though I think he’s being optimistic with a starting price of $1999.

You can see much larger pics at the link I provided above if you’re interested, but if you ask me the water stain looks more like some random stoner than Jesus Christ.

8 thoughts on “Jesus Christ shows up in man’s bathroom. Man tries to auction him on eBay.

  1. Well, at least this one sorta resembles Christ, unlike the one in the window that Les posted a week or so ago.  I still can’t see anything resembling Christ in that one.


  2. Ya know.. I had a ‘buddy christ’ statue that was outside in the sun – now it looks unbelievably like a water puddle!!  what do you think I can get for it on Ebay?

  3. pigheaded, it works the other way round, silly.  On the other hand, if the puddle fits amazingly well in its hole in the ground, you can probably sell it to the Discovery Institute…

  4. Les is the Dead God. 

    Waitaminute, Mantorok is the Dead God. 

    Les, you aren’t the human incarnation of Mantorok are you?

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