Idiocy at Bank of America.

This little anecdote from deadscot over on his blog Shit I Made Up is the sort of thing that would cause anyone’s blood pressure to rise a notch or three. DS’s wife is currently stationed in Iraq so he regularly has to deposit her paycheck into their bank account and he has a Power of Attorney document supplied to him by the Military specifically to allow him to do this… except that’s apparently not good enough for the folks at Bank of America who refused to allow him to deposit the check without one of their own POAs:

Me:  So how do I go about getting these checks deposited?

Bank Mgr:  She will need to come-in and complete our POA.

Me:  She’s in Iraq, that’s why I have this POA.

Bank Mgr:  I understand that.  That’s why she needs to have a POA.

Me:  So this POA means nothing?

As DOF so eloquently asked, what the hell do you do in that sort of situation? Fortunately deadscot is a clever fellow and he managed to work things out without strangling anyone in the process though I’m sure many Bank of America customers might be better off if he had.

Found via DOF though I would’ve gotten around to reading DS’s blog eventually as I’m trying to get caught up on my blogroll, as mentioned previously.

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  1. Been there done that. While my husband was deployed on a six month cruise (he is active duty Navy) we had this little hurricane named Isabel. The insurance company sent me a check for damages, and my general POA was not good enough for the bank. I had to email my husband, he went down to legal and they made a POA just for the bank with our checking account number on it.

  2. Why on Earth is your friend still taking military pay in the form of a check? I was active duty from 1989-1993 and almost all of us were on Direct Deposit.

  3. I’ve had some experience with this problem (not only with banks, but with hospitals). 

    In the bank situation, you always have to ask for the manager.  The tellers often do not understand the POA completely.  Sometimes you will be accomodated, but other times the bank does have its own POA policy.

    My brother almost died after being admitted to the hospital because of a “disagreement” with a nurse over the POA rights.  It makes my blood pressure rise as well.

  4. Speaking of asking for the manager, I’ve done just that to make a complaint about the service (rude service, not a misunderstanding as above) in banks, restaurants, etc.

    What has happened more than once, as soon as I point out the guilty party, the manager gets very quiet and say gravely, “Oh … HIM.” (or HER)  Funny that it never comes as a surprise!

    This happened at a B of A once—“Oh … HIM.”  I never saw that teller in there again.


  5. Why on Earth is your friend still taking military pay in the form of a check? I was active duty from 1989-1993 and almost all of us were on Direct Deposit.

    That’s a little tidbit to this story that I left out.  My wife, a reservist, does indeed have direct deposit and ironically it’s into my BOA account.

    I’m beginning to wonder what the purpose of having a POA if every asshole out there wants his own.  This is a special POA that allowed me to purchase a house in our names and sell her car.  Apparently it need to state that I was allowed to deposit a $68.00 refund check.

    So what happens if she us injured and/or incapacitated (smee forbid).  Then I would have to get rid of BOA.

  6. I’ve tried three different times to start a bank account at BOA, once when my bank was bought out by BOA. All three times they screwed up the account, missing a deposit, despositing in another person’s account, etc, etc. How the hell did BOA get so big? I highly recommend you “get rid of BOA.”

  7. deadscot, is it a joint account?  I’m assuming it is, but if they say they “don’t know” her, then is it not a joint account, or do they have some jacked up way of getting to know customers?  I’ve never had a problem like that with my credit union (joint account w/ wife) – even with checks written out to my daughter after she was born. 

    The wife and I have general we-can-sign-as-each-other POAs that are supposed to cover any and all.  I just hope they do.

    Some corporate tool said: the Patriot Act states we must know all our depositors.

    The Patriot act is not the issue here.  It is this bank’s policy to adhere to federal guidelines.

      Wow.  So that’s what happens when the fan belt falls off…

  8. Bank of America is an evil institution . George Bush is a major stockholder . I think he owns 30% .

  9. Bank of America once wanted to use the slogan “One people One Nation One Bank, but someone eventually spoke up telling them that Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furhur had already been used by Hitler and it would possibly be copyright infrginment.
    Ever wonder why the flagscape looks ALOT like a Swastica?

  10. Bank of America is the biggest bunch of idiots and scammers when it comes to military banking! I can’t stand that bank.  They like to throw in silly little made up fees and charge 3-4 overdraft fees for the same item for transactions made ON PAYDAY, just because your military direct deposit “hasn’t officially cleared yet”. Hello, 7 years in the service and my pay day has always come like clockwork a**holes! How come the people who handle our money are always the biggest idiots you’ll ever have to deal with???

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