I owe a birthday wish to my nephew.

Dakota turned 12 yesterday and, terrible uncle that I am, I managed to let it slip my mind completely and never got around to calling him during the day. I’ve had his PC with me for the past week because it keeps having problems for him and finally got to a point where it couldn’t detect the hard drive at all and my brother was planning to buy a new HD.

I didn’t think the HD was really the problem and when I got it home I found that the SATA cable to the hard drive was a bit loose and reseating resolved that problem. I finished staging the PC and have been working with it off an on since then and haven’t had any problems the whole week. I suppose it’s possible that the HD cable has been loose all along and thus the cause of his problems and all the diagnostics (CPU, RAM, motherboard, etc.) I’ve done have turned out negative. I’ve been teasing Dakota a little about being a “cursed user” as I can’t find anything wrong with the hardware.

So I got home late this evening, too late to call and wish him a happy birthday, and noted there was a message on the answering machine. Yep, it was from my nephew who was calling because now my niece’s PC starts to load Windows and then suddenly reboots in an endless cycle. Hmmm. I’ll probably end up taking his PC back to him in the next day or so and when I do I’ll take a look at my niece’s as well. The kids worry about having to bug me when their PCs have problems, but I figured when I built the PCs that I’d probably end up supporting them quite a bit. If nothing else it keeps me on my toes.

So, here’s my belated Happy Birthday wish to my nephew. I’ll have your PC back to you in a day or so and I hope you had a good time celebrating the day.

4 thoughts on “I owe a birthday wish to my nephew.

  1. Happy birthday “Dakota” *giggles*. Excuse me.

    Man, what is with parents naming their kids Dakota lately?

  2. I haven’t called either.  When he’s home and awake I’m working.  So I’m going to stick a card in the mail when David gets paid.  Hard to believe he’s twelve.  I feel old.

  3. Ahh… wonders of being someones tech support!

    I think SATA cables getting loose has been mentioned in few other places.
    And it would definitely explain all kind of weird crashes and corruption of data.

    PS. Try “Calls from hell”, “Listen already”, “Power” and “Smoke”:

    It’s a baffling phenomenon that in today’s society an individual, who might in other circumstances be considered smart and wise, can sit down in front of a computer screen and instantly lose every last shred of common sense he ever possessed. Complicate this phenomenon with a case of “computerphobia,” and you end up with tech support personnel having phone conversations that are funny in retrospect but seem like perfectly valid motives for wild machine gun shooting sprees at the time. You will read stories in this file that will convince you that among the human race are human-shaped artichokes futilely attempting to break the highly regarded social convention that vegetables should not operate electronic equipment.

    They’re bound to terrorize all tech support personnel sooner or later—the call from hell. These are calls from people without a clue in their heads. They call tech support lines and refuse to get off until the tech support staff members on the other end have lost all remnants of their sanity. The callers invariably exhibit both incompetence and belligerence, either of which is fully capable of driving even the strongest to the height of frustration or the brink of frenzied hysteria. The content of these calls is a conglomeration of computer stupidities of every variety, glued together with so thick a haze of idiocy, it will cause instant and complete gray hair to anyone remotely associated.

    Most people understand that electrical appliances require electrical power to work. But computers, with their surprisingly effective ability to eliminate rational thought within a given radius, cause many people to forget completely that computers are ordinary electrical appliances that require ordinary electrical power.

    When a computer starts smoking, it’s typically an indication of a problem more severe than one tech support could remedy.

    Well… but how does that actually differ from human in general?

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