Half hearted attempts at debate.

Had the following less than enlightening IM conversation just moments ago…

[22:15] Joshua DP 00: real science?
[22:15] StupEvilBst: Beg pardon?
[22:15] Joshua DP 00: Cheap tactic? Yes. But maybe coming here will show them the light of real science!
[22:15] Joshua DP 00: explain real science
[22:16] StupEvilBst: I’m still not following you.
[22:17] Joshua DP 00: I went to your site and im still not seeing real science
[22:18] StupEvilBst: I don’t claim to be a science site.
[22:20] Joshua DP 00: But you are a closed minded liberal that scoffs at the truth
[22:21] StupEvilBst: If you say so. Though I’d disagree with the statement that I’m closed minded to any truth.
[22:24] StupEvilBst: Anything else?
[22:24] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
[22:25] StupEvilBst: Guess not.

4 thoughts on “Half hearted attempts at debate.

  1. The fact that he used the phrase ‘close minded liberal’ is. . .

    1.  threatening to break my brand new, shiny irony meter.

    2.  indicative that he might be a http://www.freeconservatives.com reader/poster.  The folks on that board are both immune to reality and one of the most tidily packaged bunch of psychos you’ll ever have the pleasure of encountering on the internet.

  2. It was around about the time he tossed out his buzzwords that I knew it was going to go downhill fast. I was surprised when he just gave up and logged off.

  3. I really like it when you post these…
    They really make me laugh.

    On an other note about your site. It seems to me that this is a discussion site….It is very clear and you don’t have to read much to figure out that ALMOST all opinions are welcome here.
    So this is not propanda…well not to me. You have your ideas like everyone else but you’re not pushing them to an extreme like if you were trying to recrute weak minds.

    I know this is a weblog but given the size and content and the fact that you invite readers to write kinda disqualifies you from being closed minded. In my opinion.

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