Had a good day yesterday. Will be enjoying Paranoia today.

First up, the wife has landed a job with a local daycare center which means this family will once again have a source of income. Not a huge source, obviously, but every little bit helps at this point and it’s a start.

Second, got wind of a guy who’s starting his own PC tech support business that occasionally has more work than his current staff can handle on their own, but not often enough yet to justify hiring an additional full-time employee so he’s looking for someone to freelance every now and then. So I should have a few spare bucks coming in from time to time in the coming weeks. Not enough to justify as true employment, but, again, every little bit helps.

Third, got a phone call from a contract house yesterday for a technical position back at the Big Three Automotive company I was working for when I got laid off that would put me on a team I worked closely with when I was a planner. Best of all I already know the guy I’d be working for if I get the job and he thinks I’d be a pretty good fit. If I land it the pay rate will end up being $30/hour with full benefits and I can’t complain about that. Not holding my breath, but I’m certainly hopeful.

Later today around noon I’ll be running a one-shot pen and paper RPG session using the old West End Games RPG Paranoia. Some of our friends have never played a traditional P&P RPG before and so it was decided we’d give it a shot and bring in a couple of other friends who are old hands at it to round things out. The one problem I have is that the mission I really want to run is the one I can’t seem to locate among all my old RPG crap.

Back in April of last year I wrote about how a new version was being developed called Paranoia XP. Since then it’s hit store shelves along with several supplements and the couple of reviews I’ve read have me interested in picking up a copy eventually. I considered buying it for the session we’ll be doing today, but the core rule book has a MSRP of $39.99 whereas Amazon offers it for $26.37 so buying it in time for today just wasn’t a good idea. Hell, as it is I’ll probably be waiting until I have a full-time job before picking it up from Amazon.

But that’s OK as the Second Edition Rules for Paranoia are still most excellent and I’ve managed to find a few folks who have the mission I want to run in PDF form via the P2P networks so I’m in the process of downloading it as I type this. I feel justified in doing this mainly because I have bought and paid for the source book previously (and have a few pages from it along with the cover to prove it). Plus I’ll be buying it again eventually when I get around to picking up the new version of the game and the Paranoia Flashbacks supplement that takes a bunch of previous missions and updates them for the new rule set (including the one I want to run). So, seeing as I’m gaming later today I suppose I should get to bed and catch a few winks while the file downloads.

14 thoughts on “Had a good day yesterday. Will be enjoying Paranoia today.

  1. Hey guys, this is going to be off topic as i am new to this and dont know how to sart a rant. I’ve been lurking here for about four months now and feel it is time to itroduce myself. My name is David Strange. I am a 32yom adn have been an atheist for a long time now. I was raised a nonpracticing Catholic and became an atheist before my education when I was still a young and quite nieve young man. My spelling errors will be many as i am ld and must have missed the day in elementary school when they taught spelling. I have been falsley accused as an idiot in chatrooms for my shoetcommings in the written word. I shut people up by simply saying”it is not what you spell, it’s what you say jerkoff. I use to go to christian chat rooms and challenge them on origins, however it was a useless endevour. Those godidiots wont hear reason as you well know. This sight and the sights you have led me to have given me a great education (knowledge is power) and I can’t thank you enough. The Raving Atheist The Evagelical Atheist, God Is For Suckers and one cannot leave out Landover Baptist for satire. I arrived at atheism with an uncoerced, unspoiled mind. As a thinking intelligent man, what other conclusion is there….really. Since i have found your site and others like it i have embarked on a whole new learning experience (an adult education…as it were. The way you guys shred thumpers is priceless. Les in particular. Les…the bible is full of cotradictions and hatefull rediculous 2000 year old tribesman passages and wielding your knowledge like a sword you cut any thumper to shreds who dares open his infantile mouth in these hallowed threds. The bottom line folks (and i’m sure you know this) is that we are (intellectually speaking) at the top of the food chain. There is a reason that only 10% of the populace is atheist. The average IQ of all people worldwide is 100. Can you believe it? 100! 100-110 is above aveage. 110-120 is high average. 110-120 sheesh. 120-130 is superior and 130 and above is considdered “very superior”. I’ve taken several tests and alwals scor between 135 and 145. It is said that above 130 represents only 2.5% of the entire poulation. It is no wonder that we atheists are few. Through no fault of their own most of the people you see every day are intellectually inferior. (Pardon my spelling) I would venture to say that the people who comment on this sight; if living in the same town ,would be an anomoly.  I have about a hundred friends and accuaintances and only two are atheist 2/100 2% hmmm. You cant really blame the sheep for following th charismatic man at the pulpit who most they know follows. With this over whelming number of simpletons in our midst we are in for a serious challenge. Kansas ID vs. evolution. I didn’t have a firm grasp on evolution until z103 zoology. I live in a big town with a good public school and didn’d graduate with an understanding of evolution. These backwoods country folk with an average IQ of100 wouln’t understand it if you spelled it out and had a powerpoint presentation to boot. I feel for the 44% of idiotic americans who believe in some form of (not wacko version) creationism. If you travel 30 miles outside of any city subburb you see them. 80s hair-doos (mullets and jersey mall bangs) who don’t have a clue. Those idiots are why Bush won his second. All the informed people voted for the human deush Kerry(the lesser of two evils) and all the idiots voted for Mr. Baddass himself…Bush. I live in southern Indiana where we voted for bush, ousted our D Gov for Mitch Daniels, and ousted D Barron Hill For Some suck ass-tow the party line republican. I see so many JeeeZus fish on the road that I bought an Atheist Sticker from Landover.  I thought I would get flipped off on the highway. but the fundies appear to fear my evil ass. In about two more years we will be facing a culture war. The dems caved and now we are getting neocons on the judiciary. I for one will not stand for the United States Of American Teocracy. I am not prepared to do anything rash just yet;however, if it comes to it i will take up arms in revolt. The great men who fonded this country did it and most would roleover in their collective craves given this political climate. John Stewart (one of my heros and a true american) showed a clip from a newscast depicting a rightwing an a moderate republican argueing an issue. He said that is supposed to represent both sides of the issue now. A neocon vs. a moderate! Where is the liberal voice in the debate? Ladies and gentleman the government has been highjacked by the fundies. The dominionists and christian reconstructionis represent about (my estimate) 10% of the populace. We atheists are also 10%. With the agnostics and the religious seclularist we must unite and rise up to squash these parasites of our society. I’m worried sort of but not that bad. They have power now ;however when they legeslate away our freedoms enmass, the common man will revolt. We will win this struggle because Joe Blow will join us. Men are 48-51% of whichI estimate37 percent enjoy porn. Fundies take our liesure…WE WILL REVOLT! Fundies legislate religion in schools…WE WILL REVOLT! fundies force a national religion….WE WILL REVOLT! Fundies Demand that we live by there moral code…WE WILL REVOLT! Fundies demand that we hate gays or muslims or secularist or liberals …WE WILL REVOLT!!!!! The bottom line is we are smarter than them, we have more to lose (our freedoms) and we are americans. They should take a lesson from the most powerful force in the late 18th century….(the British empire). A band of rag-tag motherfuckers with a cause and a belief in autonomy and personal freedom cannot and will not be defeated. E Puribus Unum

  2. oh..by the way, I enjoyed these ten points by the evangelical atheist why posts as I AM…I think youguys at SEB will too

    1. There are no gods, demigods, angels, devils, fairies, ghosts, gnomes, imps, elves, demons, sprites, goblins, leprechauns, trolls, incubi, succubi, genies, mermaids, banshees or the like.

    2. The concept of “supernatural

  3. Just a thought. Seeing as though Lesis looking for work, I have a grand idea. It could Beef a bif cheese and peter out but considder this: Les is a great writer….the makings of an editor. If he were to write the bulk of a magazine with all of the regulars contributing columns…..throw in some shoots of scantilly clad women and some entertainment news and vualla(misspelled i’m sure) you could have something. All the godless-leaning topics would have fundies buying. Bad press on Fox for publicity.
    The right marketing and a bold investor hmmmmm

  4. Hi Les!

    Nice to hear something upbeat from you again! Kill a few clones and lose a few cares today.

    The only one or two times I played Paranoia were real riots. A perfect game for a one-shot.

  5. That’s very good news Les.  You’ve just got to ride out the rough spots, and eventually things’ll sort themselves out!

    I’m probably going to spend most of this weekend vegging in front of the Playstation.

  6. Welcome Strange.  I really enjoy this site and it’s always nice to meet another who does.

    Good rant, but you might consider putting in some paragraph breaks.  It makes your rants easier to read.

    As for “we are (intellectually speaking) at the top of the food chain” I don’t buy the ‘atheists are smarter than theists’ theme.  Particularly not on IQ scores as IQ is a deeply flawed concept based on the idea that intelligence is primarily inborn and can be expressed in a single number.  It’s sort of like saying the meaning of life is “8”.

    Religion is cultural, a set of assumptions that permeate our society.  Defying or disbelieving those assumptions requires not only a scientific mindset (not easily acquired in our culture) but willingness to tell the other 90% of the world that they are wrong on something that is very important to them.  Religionists yap about atheism taking a lot of faith (they have it backwards) but maybe what atheism really requires is unusually high self-confidence. 

    Even so, atheists enjoy the company of other atheists.  Everyone likes to relax now and then with others who are not telling them how wrong they are.

    I think the best we can do about the dominionists is to keep exposing the truth – small “t” – of history and science.  We should never let up, because they won’t.

  7. Fricken Frackin/ 30 bucks an hour. No god damn wonder it cost so freaking much money to get yer car fixed! You should be ashamed !!! raspberry

    AS far as the gaming goes. DAMN I need to give my PC a big jolt of Steroids! That way I can play these newer games.

  8. Les – theres no way I would catergorise Paranoia as a “traditional”RPG!..Shit,The computer commands you to report to termination booth 43a – Have a nice day.Youve gotta be a stand-up comedian to run those games well! (Good reading though!)
    Decrepid old fool – The meaning of life is 42.Duh!

  9. Congratulations, Les and Anne!  Here’s hoping things get better from here on out.  It’s a big relief to have income again.

  10. Macbros, I was surprised with the potential pay rate as you are. Most of the support jobs I’ve been looking at lately are much lower paying. Still, that’s less than what I was earning at the start of the last time I worked for this particular member of the Big Three.

    During my four years there previously I went through two pay cuts, elimination of overtime, and being shoved into a non-technical position. When I was laid off I had lost a total of $20,000 a year in pay from what I was making when I started.

    Frumpa, you’re right. Paranoia is hardly a traditional RPG, I meant in terms of it being pen and paper. Game went pretty well. The newbies didn’t take long to get acclimated and there was much laughter throughout the night.

  11. Wow! That rant I wrote is by far the most hideous piece of work I have ever written. I was quite fuzzy at the time and just hammered away at the keyboard then clicked submit.

          I don’t think I’ll be commenting while in a stupor again and I hope you guys can look past how poorly that was written. I mean….damn.

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