Grrrr! Arrrgh! Ooooo! I’m SCARY!

Checking my referrer logs today I came across two new blogs that mentioned SEB both of which made a comment about how scary my picture here on the site is. One was She Falters To Rise (which is a cool blog name) and the other is Baby Poop and Business Suits (also a very cool name in a funny way).

Now my purported scariness in that picture is a topic that has come up before and I keep trying to insist that my picture here isn’t scary at all. That, in fact, I had a much scarier picture in the original design that my wife made me take down because it was too scary. I can prove it too because I still have the original logo design on my HD. Here’s a cropped version of it:

See? Much scarier. This was pre-shaving my head, but I look like I’m just one idiot commenter away from climbing a clock tower with a high powered rifle. If I had stuck with that picture I’d understand why some folks think I’m just an angry white atheist who’s nothing but piss and vinegar all the time rather than the sweet and non-threatening teddy bear that the current pic clearly shows me as being. Dammit, I’m jovial looking in the current picture and I’m going to keep repeating that statement until you all start believing me.

What? That tactic seems to work for President Bush so why not me??

I’ve been trying to come up with a new layout for the site for awhile now anyway and I’ve had some good ideas for cool pics of myself I’d like to try and use, but I’ve not gotten around to asking someone to take said pictures of me yet. I suppose I should stop being narcissistic and just drop my pic from the site altogether as it’s more of a group project these days, but I have so few vices that I figure a little narcissism doesn’t hurt.

So, repeat after me: Les’s picture isn’t scary, it’s jovial! Like Santa Claus, only younger. And I want to give him a great big hug! … And a job. A job that pays an enormous salary for him being such a lovable hugable guy!

Oh! Ow! I’ve got to stop. I’m giving myself a tummy ache.

22 thoughts on “Grrrr! Arrrgh! Ooooo! I’m SCARY!

  1. Personally, I like the present picture.  It makes you seem pretty friendly. But yeah… that other one… water tower and sniper rifle for sure…

  2. Les,

    If you were to wear a long haired wig, you may be the next item up for bid on e-Bay as a Jesus sighting. Think about the postage and handling on that package. You not only look jovial…but completely benevolent as well. OK….enough with that mess.
        By the way Les, I left you a response back on the Bush approval ratings thread to your questions about my imminent return. I just looked and saw that the number of responses hasn’t risen. I’m a natural born thread killer I tell you. As soon as I write something, nobody else seems to want to play. I guess I shouldn’t have killed this poor little guy so early in its life. Two comments is no way to go out.

  3. This will make it at least three.

    If you do another layout for the site, how about your face in the center fading away at the shoulders. The SEB logo under that with your hands fading in from the sides and sort of clutching the ends of the logo….maybe a little blood on your nails…..a little hint of fang on your lips. Why am I awake at 2:00 a.m. when I need to be up 4:45?

  4. That picture is great. And it STAYS!

    (Since you have declared this a group project, I say you will have to let us vote if you want to remove something important. I assign myself x+1 votes against removal).

  5. Is that a Hawaiian shirt you’re wearing in the first picture, Les?

    Why am I awake at 2:00 a.m. when I need to be up 4:45?

    Because Les’s blog is addicting as fuck. Worse than crack and weed combined. (Hmmm, that sounds good like it’d make tons of money at Spring Break…)

  6. Dude, you’re going to get me outlawed as a controlled substance with talk like that. Sheesh!

    As for my shirt, yes, that’s a Hawaiian shirt in the first pic. Technically it’s a Hawaiian shirt in the current pic too, but it’s harder to see due to the cropping. I tend to wear Hawaiian shirts a lot simply because I want to and I’m secure enough in my manhood to admit that I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever.

  7. Hawaiian shirts are my kryptonite (on men). Color me a sucker. It generally indicates “I’m a fun, happy guy, and I don’t give a shit what you think.”

    Pissy people tend to not be able to pull off Hawaiian shirts.

    I find them also indicative of geek professions (engineers, network gurus, etc.), and, if worn during the week, a leisurely lifestyle. Maybe a self-employed type, or a they-can’t-fucking-tell-me-what-to-wear type.

    It takes a MAN to wear a Hawaiian shirt.

  8. big surprise This picture is definitely way more terrifying. 

    I don’t think you should change your picture at all—it’s not your fault that you have an uncanny resemblance to someone who, most likely, still wants me dead.

    I really wasn’t that terrified; I was trying to direct some traffic your way because your picture actually hooked me, and I thought others would enjoy some of your stuff.

    In these days and times, however, there is no doubt that you are on some FBI watch list.  Don’t worry, so am I, and I don’t look quite as “hell’s angels” as your photo.

  9. As for my shirt, yes, that’s a Hawaiian shirt in the first pic.

    I thought it was camouflage!  Which only added to the “climbing a clock tower with a high powered rifle” image!  grin


  10. Brandi, I just me my Hawaiian shirts. I saw a bunch on sale at the local Meijers yesterday for around $15 each and it just broke my heart. I hate being unemployed as those were some damned fine shirts.

    Lordklegg, very good. There will be a favored position in my cabinet for you once I rise to power.

    SFTR, I’m sorry I look like someone who wants to do you harm, but I’m glad the picture caught your attention. Thanks for the mention on your blog. grin

    Digit, I’d make a great alterna-claus.

    Joe, nope, not camouflage. That shirt has leaves and bikini clad babes on it. Again, cropping changes the look. You can see the shirt in its entire glory in this entry from the Blogathon I did in 2003.

  11. Hey….NEATO!!!! I didn’t kill the thread. I’m not jinxed!
        What are you talking about Joe? Hawaiian shirts ARE comouflage. You try finding Les in a flower shop. He’ll be right behind you, whispering “Welcome to my world” in your ear, as he sticks you with a rose thorn Rambo style.
        “They drew first BLOOD!!!!”  Les, John J.

  12. Ooo Ooo Ooo I just had another idea! How about you do a series of different pictures for the layout, but each person will get to pick which picture pops up as their personal SEB style. You could even charge a small fee for the service to help keep the site going strong. I would pay for the Picture of my choice. (Everybody can keep their opinions about the current excitement level in my life to themselves :.) )

  13. I’m going for a posting record.


    Let me know what size you need and I’ll bring you a nifty Hawaiian shirt on my way up to Michigan. I am right in between the outer banks of North Carolina and Ocean City, Maryland. There are plenty of beach and surf shops in both areas.

  14. I never thought you were cursed as a thread killer. It was purely coincidence the other 343 times it happened. wink

    The rotating picture thing is an interesting idea except it sounds like a lot of work and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for a specific picture of me. That and I’d be worried about what some of the requests might be.

    As for my shirt-size, I’m a big guy and I tend to go with 2X as a minimum and 3X when I can get them for the extra room.

  15. Les,

    I guess you may be right about the multiple picture thing. Somebody would no doubt want to see you in a Hawaiian hula dancing skirt or something. You would be on more than just the FBI lists if you did that.
        I’ll probably be taking a trip down to the pirate haven known as the outer banks in the next week or two. I’ll scope out the shirts and see if I can’t find some 3x happiness for you.
        I need a 3x in most of my shirts as well, but try to get away with 2x most of the time. I swear they save the ugliest materials for big guys. You’re lucky you are so darned confident in your masculinity.

  16. That and I’d be worried about what some of the requests might be

    ingolfson: “Hmnn… I think I’d like Les in a striped zoot suit, and a beret today. Hop to it! I’m not paying you a $1.35 a month for nothing, you know! I’m a subscriber, and don’t you forget it!”

    Les: “Curse you Mayo!” *shakes fist*

  17. ingolfson: “Hmnn… I think I’d like Les in a striped zoot suit, and a beret today. Hop to it! I’m not paying you a $1.35 a month for nothing, you know! I’m a subscriber, and don’t you forget it!

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