GamePal offers MMORPG character rentals.

So you’ve heard about those fancy-schmancy MMORPGs that all the young whippersnappers are playing these days and how it takes months to get a character to the highest levels where the coolest game content is and you just don’t think you have the patience to bother, but you do have a ton of money burning a hole in your pocket and a desire to check these things out so what do you do?

Well you could always rent a high level character from GamePal. For a mere $199.99 a month (no, that’s not a typo) you can rent your choice of character in any of 14 popular MMORPGs including World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest 2 and so on. Not happy with what you’re currently playing? Turn it in and switch to another character or another game entirely.

And I thought it was bad that folks were spending real money to buy virtual items and gold, which GamePal will also sell you. Along with a Power Leveling service if you already own a game and just don’t have the patience to level your character yourself.

Maybe it’s me, but isn’t this sort of thing missing the point of playing the game? I’ve actually found myself playing my level 60 character less than my lower level alts as of late simply because there’s so much of World of Warcraft that I’ve not seen yet. I suppose if you’ve got the money and you’re only interested in the PVPing aspect of the end game then this would be right up your alley, but I still have a hard time getting my head around it.

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  1. I’d say this is mostly for the kind of person who plays not for the fun of playing (or even, gosh, even for ROLEplaying!), but simply likes to brag about his munchkin character.

  2. Did anyone notice that *NONE* of the games actually have characters to rent yet?

    I wonder how much they pay the people that play the games to get characters leveled up? If it’s good enough, maybe you should talk to them Les. smile Hell, I would consider a career change to be able to play WoW full time. smile

  3. Wow.

    I was going to get them to get me an accolade but…they ask for your CoH ACCOUNT NAME AND PASSWORD!


    Like I’m going to take the chance some idiot will delete all my stuff AND access my toons raspberry

    Skip on this one guys.

  4. Look. i bought an acount with gamepal…. i did it because well i ahd to sold my old 75 acount for eprsonal reasons but i can play now again and i wanna play the end game with my real life friends…

    They send me the wrong acount.. im still waiting for an answer with the acount i bought.. .. im just praying i dont get my money stolen. plus their page seem to be down now.. cos i tried in some diferent places and is not my ip.. hope they didnt ban me.. hmm aghh i hate this.

  5. Yeah, i just got screwed over by Gamepal.  I hired them to lvl my wow account to 60 and then they leveled all the way and then got me permently banned!  Because they use chinese farmers!  What a load of crap.  I just wish i would have seen this post before investing in them.

    Here’s my story here.  Good luck!

  6. They seem like a good company to me, have used them many times for power leveling and gold and do things almost instantly.

  7. Did you guys even contact there sales staff? I bet if you told them your problem they could fix this.

  8. I made an order for some gold with these guys about a week ago. They require they contact you via phone first. Not a biggie, since I’ve been told many do the same. I miss the phone call somehow but I contact them and let them know this. They call back 3 days later, I pick up. Confirm order and log onto WoW expecting my gold to be there within the next 15 minutes to 1 hours (tops). I’ve now been waiting an additional 3 days. Still no gold. Out $90 and they’ve stopped responding to my e-mails it would seem, so far. Their “Online Live Support” never ever seems to have an operator available nor does their phone suppoort either. Yes, I have contacted their sales staff via e-mail and left messages on their voicemail several times now. My next step will be to open a dispute with PayPal. Should they decide to break their disclaimer about the privacy policy, no problem. I have their phone number. I’m sure there’s laws about giving out your private information and such. Whether or not it’s against the EULA shouldn’t matter. If they’re giving out your information, there’s probably a way to make some money out of them through the courts.

  9. Wow sorry you guys had problems. I just had my character leveled 1-60 and they did it in 11 days and I had 900 gold on the account. Been very happy with them. The one thing about them is they are a US company so I suggest just emailing them until the problem is fixed.

  10. Here’s my question for you, The One, what’s the point in bothering if you’re just going to have someone else play the game for you?

  11. I don’t get it either, Les.  Maybe having a high-level character gets you laid more.

    This reminds me of cheaters in QIII, which I still occasionally play online.  I really don’t understand the point in cheating- it’s not like you get paid for it, you’re not proving anything about your prowess, and you piss off all the non-cheaters who want a fair game.  To me, an online cheater of any ilk is like a little kid who finds two people playing chess, and then knocks over the gameboard, yelling “I win!”.  Pathetic, really.

  12. I can see an argument for possibly spending real money to buy gold in the game as accumulating any significant amount of gold in WoW can be exceedingly tedious and time consuming (it’s my one big complaint about the game), but paying someone to take your character to level 60 for you means you’re bypassing most of the content in the game that makes it worth playing.

    I know a lot of folks (myself included) who spend more time playing alts than our primaries once we hit level 60 because there’s only so much raiding/farming/PVPing you can do before it gets boring.

  13. …as accumulating any significant amount of gold in WoW can be exceedingly tedious and time consuming…

    Man, I have the same problem in the real world, Les. tongue laugh

  14. I don’t know. I find it much easier to earn a paycheck than to get anything substantial in the way of fake money in WoW.

  15. I’ve delt with gamepal before but it wasn’t pleasant.  I’m not gonna’ get into the details or speak for everyone else but my first impression from them wasn’t good at all. There are many more companies out their that does what gamepal does.  One company i’m particularily fond of is mmofactory. ([url=][/url])

    I’m a player of Guild Wars and RuneScape and i’ve been buying from them forever.  There were some times when their delivery was slow but my overall experience with them was satisfying.  They met my standards.  One nifty thing with them is they actually pricebeat other places.  Although they don’t advertise it.. they’ll do it if you speak with them directly… its kind of like a unwritten rule, haha.

    And another thing.. i’m not sure if anyone experienced this, but when I ned support from other places.. I always end up speaking with someone who lacks the basic fundamentals of the english language.. which gives me a headache trying to decipher what they’re talking about.  I guess thats the cool thing with mmofactory, all they speak is english.. and kind of professional at it too.  Oh wells.. theres my rant at 5AM in the morning.. man, I need a life.. and money 🙁

  16. I’ve used quite a few times for powerleveling. Their prices are cheap, but so is their customer service. Recently I ordered powerleveling, and it hadn’t been started within their promised 24 hours, so I asked for a refund, and they said they would cancel the order but not refund me. So, I e-mailed their manager and got no response, and the next day I found my account being powerleveled,  and when I again talked to customer service, they told me that it was my fault the order wasn’t cancelled, because I should have changed my password, even though I had asked for the order to be cancelled, and asked for a refund more than once. I have filed a complaint through the BBB in hopes of getting my $149.99 back. I would suggest using mygamestock or ige. Gamepal is not a quality company.

  17. These guys really suck. I ordered an account but then changed my mind and canceled it (well within my rights) and was told it was canceled and I would receive a refund within 1-2 days. I waited for about 5 days and still no refund I contacted a person in “Live Chat” and they said that I had recived the account details so no refund. But I canceled this account. They accused me of lieing!!! They said that as I had recieved the details I could not have canceled my account. But I canceled and they said it was canceled. And guess what!!!!…. The account now is back on their site waiting to be sold to the next unsuspecting sap. I question them about this and get “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” and get cut off.

    They really suck, stay away dudes!

  18. I’m curious as to how gamepal would stop less than honest people renting a character for an hour and selling all their equipment and mailing the gold to a friend or changing the password and email to keep the account.

  19. I had a horrible experience with Gamepal few months ago and tried to get a refund, again, was denied like the rest of you..I tried to file a legal complaint but I could not find them registered as a US company at that again is fake.

    Anyways, my friends told me about an American U.S. company, I looked them up at the Secretary of Nevada State website, a *.gov website, and got the incorporation of the company as Yeh! for Games, Inc. so I knew they were legit…my friends did powerleveling but I went for PvP honor farming and it was awesome…good american customer support and good freakin honor I must say…I would never have gotten PvP Rank 13 without YehforGames…right now I’m just using them to run MC and Onyxia since I can’t always make it every week with my guild..they have an interesting DKP raid attendance service as well.  At least with a real US company, I have the assurance that I won’t lose my account or money since they know if they don’t treat their customers right, we’ll get our lawyers on them grin

  20. i sold some accounts to gamepal eq and wow , maxxed out toons u wanna know how much they paid $80.00 us dollars,then a month later they emailed me claiming i stole back the accounts even though i didnt and had gotten emails saying server changes on the accounts they threated lawsuit against me if i didnt return the funds , i told them to f off cause i had their emails saying the accounts had cleared. well anyway no lawsuit was ever filed maybe lawyers cost more then the 80dollars per account they paided. so pretty much they allready double their money on your first rental. also they have no rights to accounts so anyone that sells them a account can reclaim it , and send them their crappy check back at any time so becarefull because they only need that first payment from u to recover double what they pay people for accounts , and they also send out emails to the sellers claiming the account messed up and to contact the site reset pass codes or mail them their money back. ether way u get screwed cause they will resell toon from under u or the person will reclaim account.

  21. also, would like to mention,that u cant reset the password on these toons u rent,and also u cant reset the email address linked to account unless the seller agrees to the emails sent by game company .also alot of people that sell toons have really bad reps . so u need to spend money changeing servers,tooon names.and even then people that dislike the toon may still know who it is by gear aa,s looks so on ,also ebayed toons get found out and mocked by real players very often ,meaning forget about enjoying high end raid guilds as they can spot people who buy their accounts rather easy. by your lack of skill , newbie questions on maxxed toons and your poor navagation skills though zones. also people who started accounts make friends in the game and they will know and expose you when they chat u up and u dont respond in same manner the first owner did. stay away from gamepal not worth it, if u really wanna buy a toon get a account first then ask players in game to sell u a toon ,u will spend far less money and actully own the toon. same for plat buying people in game will sell it to u direct alot cheaper then sites will cause those same site pay people pennys compared to what they resell to u for

  22. Yeah I feel for you mate, I just got my account banned because I got gamepal to level me a mage from 1 – 60, my account had a level 70 druid about 1k off buying epic mount, 60 priest and a few level 40+ characters I think like 100+ days on the account that are now down the drain lol….. I guess it was stupid on my part not to have made another account and get the powerlevel then transfer the mage to my current account, then I wouldn’t have lost so much.

    Anyways gampal are poor powerlevelers and no discretion is used in their service. I noticed many faults, I logged on a fiends account to watch them level the mage, I did this roughly every 4 – 8 hours for a few days and did not see them log off the account once, the account was online for 6 days straight at one stage. I believe the character got to 42.5, sure enough the account gets banned. In gamepals terms of service it states the powerleveler will only be online for duration of 12 – 16 hours per day (to stop any suspicions by blizzard) not for 100+ hours.  How stupid can gamepal get I mean an account that’s been online for 6 days straight of course blizzard is going to monitor this, blizzard also stated in the email they sent me that an economy exploit and flagged ips were used. Apparently gamepal used a computer with a flagged ip, I’d say they got another account banned while farming gold/transferring gold on that particular ip then logged onto my account using the same ip, which then got my account flagged. So there were numerous reasons why the account got banned by gamepals poor powerleveling abilities.

    I put these complaints to gamepal in order to get an appropriate reimbursement since I lost my account with so many hours on it, thinking I had a chance on the grounds gamepal screwed up. And all they offer me is a refund of the remaining unattained levels. I think this is unacceptable and that gamepal have ripped me off due to the poor service they provided me with. I agree with the first post do not get gamepals services they are very unreliable, and even if its their screw up nothing will be done about it.

  23. Wow.  There are a whole lot of people bashing Gamepal and talking up their own websites.  Seems fishy to me.  I haven’t purchased anything from any of these sites, and I definitely won’t buy from any of the sites that toot their own horn while insulting their competitors.  Although, at least some of the companies actually had the balls to identify themselves.  A lot of the rest just seem like general slander so that customers don’t go to one of their competitors.  This is just a sad industry.  I mean, do you ever see Circuit City talking shit about Best Buy like that?

  24. these guys just ripped me off for $66, i bought game currency and never recieved my order, the wont answer emails and their 24/7 live help doesnt connect, theres never an operator on it, they recieved my payment 3 days ago and i cant contact anyone from gamepal…

  25. I’m with Les on this one.  Why blow money a huge amount of money on “cool” virtual characters when I could buy a whole table top army for that amount.  Sure I play wow but that is just to placate my friends so I can return to RTS’s (though WAR looks to awesome to miss).  Sorry to say this but I have almost no respect for people who buy their characters.  At the very least gold farmers are fun to gank I hear.  They just keep coming back again and again.

  26. Yup they are stupid bastards! As well as stupid specially the head of managemant in the philippine Lars. He even bullied an old lady over an elevator because apparently he doesnt want to fall in line.They also asked us to buy email address from admins to spam, create an exam to kick out all the gamers and replace them with bots, spam forums using the link. They dont even pay taxes. or provide any health benefits for the employees

  27. yo can any1 hock me up with a free rs accont plz just email me @ or just send me an im to chat whit me k thz oh and with the email can it have a username and apassword k thz that would be for rune scape and can the lvl be between lvl 56-100 k thz people reamber if u are still using that accont plz dont give it to me and if u dont use it plz give it to me k thz a lot people

  28. Hint.

    Read thread before posting.

    This has been a public service message.

    Please report to the Soylent works.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

  29. I started working for gamepal since december 2006
    i have been in there for five months and there’s not a day that i don’t sweat because of scorching environment philippines is a tropical country but when i enter my workplace i just say to myself “welcome to hell” its like entering an instance in WOW there’s a barrier between cool and hot environment and our pay was only $220 a month that amount of money can be made by americans in as little as 4 or 5 days and we have to do it for a month it was really hardwork and we have to play 4 accounts of World of Warcraft. Eric Smith (OWNER of Gamepal) was a real-life Slave driver when his employees are experiencing lag he would still insist on the 4 account policy
    thank god it was reduced to 3 accounts because the PL’s (power leveler) can handle the 3 accounts very efficiently with a bot program of course. i was one of the chosen to becone a guinea pig for their experiment they want to see if a PL can handle 2 computers with 3 accounts on each other that makes 6 accounts(damn with my excellent performance) thank god it did’nt happen
    my time with gamepal was shortlived on march 2007 there was massive firing of personnel luckily i was not one of the chosen i suspect that they based the firing people on their IQ good thing i had high IQ so it did not happen to me in the end out 200 PL only 60 people remain only the best of the best remain i forgot to say they changed the game that we play from WOW to FFXI i really did’nt like FFXI maybe because i was really into WOW. then on april 29 they told us that all employees are now relieved of position i guess that’s why ERIC SMITH has not been sighthed for a month he was probably hiding from the angry mobs of ex-employees he fired because he was firing people with concrete basis what he did was a violation in the labor code of my country
    they said gamepal philippines may return in about 6 months then they are going to call us then we became regular employees i was amazed that some of my colleagues actually stole computer parts in the computers that we are using they stole
    7 1G DDR2 RAM
    2 geforce 7600GTS 256 DDR2 video card
    maybe it was just for revenge
    i wish was able to get at least 1 of those RAM’s
    wow i said a lot things about gamepal.
    i like playing wow with american players they had etiquette unlike players here in philippines ( they’d just ignore most of the time only a fwe percent would help if WOW is release in my country )
    they really help people with their quest
    well its the opposite i when run into characters of different faction they always ganked me

  30. Hello,

    I am one of the operations manager in the USA department customer service team. Sorry it took so long to get back with you as we do not actively view these reports.

    Thank you guys for your replies. I want you all to know that we do try our best to make sure you get what you ordered. If you do believe that you are owed something, you can always contact support to have the issue resolved. Sure it can take long as problems don’t instantly get resolved, but we do our best to make sure that the issue does get resolved. If you can’t get ahold of support, keep trying because we will fix every issue that comes before us. JUST REMEMBER, WE ARE A USA BASED BUSINESS, AND WE WILL ALWAYS MAKE SURE ALL ORDERS ARE RESOLVED ACCORDINGLY. BEFORE YOU POST, PLEASE CONTACT OUR SUPPORT BECAUSE IT’S BETTER TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE THERE THEN SPAM HERE AS WE CANT CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY ON THESE BOARDS.

    We are the only company worldwide who can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a reason, and we will continue to hold that policy down even with the harsh game developers that continue to hammer incident customers as seen above.

    We deeply apologize if we caused any frustration with your order as we try our best to help every customer. Mistakes can happen, and especially in this industry things can go wrong, but we will do everything in our power to make sure you get what you ordered.

    Please contact our email support if you have any additional questions, thank you

    – Support Team

  31. I paid for Two “Made for Play” level 70 accounts to Gamepal and after a month of fighting with paypal and many emails to gamepal most of them contradicting what the previous email said I have decided my 600.00$ was lost to fraud, If anyone is interested I can forward my many emails and responces from gamepal. DO NOT use them of Paypal to pay for it, they will not refund your money even if you get no service. I took a week off work to do nothing but search for blogs and warn peeps of the fraud…. DO NOT MAKE my mistake and use Gamepal, or there “Sister” site Gamewar for anything, I have emails from them to prove my statements.

    Maybe if I get my 600.00 back I will stop bashing them


    Gamepal Inc ( opened their RP branch, Gamepal International Corporation (GIC) last August 2006. This is a gaming company wherein their employees get paid to play videogames for customers worldwide.

    GIC has 5 board members who has equal share of stocks (1/5 each):
    Eric Smith(foreigner) – President (co-owner of Gamepal Inc)
    Lars Lien(foreigner) – Vice-president
    Kristine Rodrigo(filipina) – Board Secretary/HR Manager
    Michelle Marin(filipina) – Board Treasurer/Admin/Payroll Manager
    Daisy Bongais(filipina) – Board Member

    They hired roughly 200+ people. Now, during the first week of April, the president left for the US. He never returned and never sent the payroll money, thus leaving all the employees without salary for April 30th. The president was in charge of the money/profit since everything has to go through the US branch and the payroll bank account only has enough for half a month of salaries which was paid for the April 15th.

    Because of this, the VP immediately announced a temporary suspension of operations due to losses. When the employees threatened to file a case, he also left the country. When the board secretary and treasurer found out about this, they went into hiding and no one was able to reach them. Even the company lawyer couldnt reach them.

    The highest remaining officer, the Process Improvement Director, then found a way to force the President to send the April 30th salary. All employees were able to get that. Now, the director decided that the remaining company assets (computer equipment, etc) be sold so that the company can pay for the severance/backpay and salaries of the few remaining employees(who worked may 1-15 to properly facilitate the closure and get the financial records ready).

    To do this though, the director needed the signatures of the board secretary and the help of the board treasurer since the GIC wasnt able to pay the building’s rent/bills. And the building will not let them take the equipment out of the office until they were able to pay the bills.

    Still, only the remaining board member (daisy) was cooperative but since she wasnt the board sec, they weren’t able to do anything. The two other boardmembers still was very uncooperative and still didn’t attend any meeting with the company lawyer.

    They then heard that the employees are going to file a case against them at NLRC/Dole. The board secretary then texted employees saying that the backpay/severance is ready but they just don’t want the director to handle it because they think that he is trying to keep money for himself and that they want to pay the building dues first BEFORE salaries/backpay. (The board treasurer is the broker and is a personal family friend of the building admin)

    The director refuted this saying that everything he did in facilitating the closure is well documented and can be attested to by the accountant, assst HR manager, company lawyer and the remaining board member.

    Because of this, we, together with that director and the remaining dept managers filed a case at NLRC. Our hearing will be on the last week of june. We have already filed for sevarance/backpay/unpaid salaries/moral damages/attorneys fees.

    I’m asking, is there any other case that we can file against these 2 board members? Specially the Admin/Payroll Manager because it was shown i the financial records that she has a lot of unaccounted losses in the company funds. (e.g. no reciepts for 2,000pesos she got for supposed “gas money” without reciepts, etc) Cause those losses have amounted to 300,000 pesos.

  33. So yea i was playin guildwars went on vacation come back and cant login so i look at my e-mail and i got one from plaync saying the e-mail for the account was changed…. so i call plaync get my account back and wow look at that ALL MY SHITS gone 2 years of playin gone and now i got some dude pissed offed at me no less cause i took my account back. he claims he bought it from gamepal and gamepal claims “we have no records of that transaction” so now i have 2 years of game play gone some a hole trying to sue me cause he got taken for over 300$ by gamepal and gamepal is hangin me
      GAME PAL BLOWS and anyone who buys gold only ruins the game for others. Ever think about what that does to in-game economy’s like SWG an item 2 years ago 500,000 now 100,000,000 DONT buy the credits or gold if you dont wanna play/work to earn what you have go pay someone to rob a bank its pretty much the same thing and leave the games/work to people who want to enjoy them

  34. Yehforgames is awful.  They are so slow it’s amazing.  And they don’t even answer their customer service.  Stay away from this company.

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