A moment to catch my breath.

I’ve actually been busy the past couple of days. First up I started freelancing for the small PC Support Company I mentioned in an earlier entry. The first day I just had two hours of work or so, but yesterday I ended up with a pretty full day. Started at 9AM and didn’t get out until close to 6PM. Not too shabby. Thursday night was spent rolling up a dwarven paladin for JethricOne’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign which Bob and I will be joining next week. This will be the first time in almost 20 years since I last played D&D and I must be getting old because trying to read through the 3.0 rule set J1 is using was a bit overwhelming. Last night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends for a rare evening out that was very enjoyable indeed.

Needless to say all this time working and socializing has prevented me from updating the blog much. This weekend will be sparse as well as we’re out this afternoon to visit my father-in-law and then up to visit with my parents for Father’s Day. On the way home we’ll be dropping Courtney off with her Grandpa McCormick for a week of camping and then Anne and I will swing by my brother’s place to drop off my niece’s PC which I’ve had for the past week.


So, while there’s some stuff I wanted to blog about, like the Schiavo autopsy results, I’ve not had a chance to do so yet and I may not get a chance this weekend, but if I can I’ll squeeze a couple of posts out while up at my folk’s place.

5 thoughts on “A moment to catch my breath.

  1. Les, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, but comment very rarely. I always thought you were a good a man and have been hoping that life would work out for you. I’m really happy to hear that you’ve finally managed to get some work – maybe it’s just a little in the beginning, but hopefully more follows.

  2. I’m glad to hear that things are moving forward. I came to know you through the EE list, and I have read and look forward to every new posting you make, you are a great guy and I hope things go smoothly for you.

  3. I’m surprised you are not using 3.5, its been out a while and fixed many things.  If you’re using 3.0, watch out for haste and improved invis being overpowered.

    As a paladin, the greatsword + fullplate route is typical, with animated shield if you can afford it.

    Good luck!

  4. Kolibri and Hesham, thanks for the encouragement. I’m sure life will improve over time. This is a temporary setback for me, though an admittedly frustrating one.

    UA, I just thought a followup was in order now that the autopsy results have been released. I’m somewhat amused by the predictable response over at the Terri Schiavo blog that’s taken place.

    Jeff, I have the 3.5 ruleset, but J1 has been running his campaign under the 3.0 ruleset for quite awhile and isn’t interested in moving up to 3.5 just yet. His game so his rules. wink

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