A few thoughts before bedtime.

The freelancing job is keeping me busier than I expected, but that’s a good thing though it has interrupted my already irregular blogging habits. I wasn’t scheduled for anything on Monday and ended up with three jobs. Was scheduled for one thing today and ended up with three, and am currently scheduled for one job tomorrow and I’m anticipating that’ll change before the day is done. I do have a shiny new cell phone courtesy of the company I’m freelancing for that they’re footing the bill for so that should make staying in contact with them quite a bit easier.

Meanwhile I have two PCs here at the house I need to work on for various friends and family members as well as a third due to arrive tomorrow. As if that weren’t enough, there’s at least one web site for a friend I need to get crackin’ on with at least basic static page until we can get the shopping cart script she wants to use up and running.

Yet I’ve still managed to watch the season finale to Doctor Who three times since I finished downloading it the other day. Usually while scarfing down something to eat before heading out the door to a job. All I can say is, “Wow!” I was worried that the new series wouldn’t live up to the old or that it would depart too far from the original, but those fears are largely unfounded. The show has been an outstanding success in the U.K. and is fairing pretty well in other countries too. It’s the number two show for the CBC in Canada. So much so that the CBC plans to re-broadcast the first series starting immediately after the 13th episode airs next week. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what David Tennant does with the role after his very brief cameo at the end of episode 13. Good stuff and everything a long-time Doctor Who could have hoped for in a new series.

OK, time for bed. I don’t have to be up too early tomorrow (my first assignment is in the early afternoon), but I’d like to spend some time working on the PCs I have lined up and waiting for me here at the house before heading out.

2 thoughts on “A few thoughts before bedtime.

  1. Hey Les that is awsome.  I really think the answer to job problems in the United States is to start your own business if possible.  Hopefully you can get enough work this way to start paying some bills.  I did tech support for Microsoft for like three years until the job was shipped to India.  I have also been thinking about doing tech support in my city.  Let me know if you have any perplexing computer problems… you can add me to your network of sources for problem solving.

    —John (also manofsteel on EE forums)

  2. We’ve got the first Dalek episode on this saturday night and jeebers i’m pining to watch it!
    They show the old ones during the week – I havent watched them in 20 years but was pleasantly surprised they havent aged too badly – Tom Bakers running around like a man possessed,he’s so into the character!
    In a hilarious ep. last week his gorgous lackey playing with K9,throws a ball in the sea – off goes K9,chasing the ball like any dog into the waves….BBzzzzzzzzt! Like a toaster in a bath tub ,goodbye K9!

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