Warning signs that don’t exist, but should.

There’s an amusing Photoshop thread at FARK.com where folks are coming up with warning signs that they wish existed. I was quite pleased to find the following among the entries:

Click for a bigger pic!

Image created by B Not.

5 thoughts on “Warning signs that don’t exist, but should.

  1. Shouldn’t all bibles have a warning sticker like that. There’s warning stickers on cd’s with adult
    content.That document certainly meets the criteria.

  2. And did you read the seamy love story between Jonathan and David, before he became the Isrealites’ greatest king? How come that book hasn’t been banned from all public libraries? . . . Oh, that was just in Alabama, huh? tongue wink

  3. I wonder if it mentions plagerism? – well that would be too ironic.

  4. If you havn’t seen them already. Our buddy across the pond, The English Atheist, has a whole collection of these things. Check them out of you get the chance and stick around the site for some other fun stuff. If you havn’t yet seen the incredible dancing done by the one and only Beaver God, you’ve been missing out on a real treat. Just type The English Atheist into a search engine and you’ll be there in no time.

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