Treason and terrorists around every corner

  When the citizens can no longer criticize nor condemn the government, the time is ripe for tyranny.  Freedom only flourishes under an open and accountable government.  Here is the latest in the government’s scare overusage of the words “treason” and “terrorist”.

An Alabama congressman says comedian Bill Maher’s comment that the U.S. military has already recruited all the “low-lying fruit” is possibly treasonous and at least grounds to cancel the HBO show.


9 thoughts on “Treason and terrorists around every corner

  1. Bill Maher and Dennis Miller just naturaly piss-off the establishment.
    Coming from Canada I have a little more of an objective view on your government and society and yes, in some aspects, it is becomming tyrannical and displays a knee-jerk reaction to events. (Or is that just a jerk reaction?)

  2. in all fairness (being from a military background and having given up my rights for a good eight years..) low-lying fruit is a fucking understatement.  most of these folks are in it for the college/bonus money when they enlist and are fuck-ups that couldn’t hold a real job to begin with. ya wonder why the military gets called ‘government welfare’.

    jesus fucking christ. the military used to be about
    ‘napalm sticks to babies and beating kids’ and now we talk about kissing babies and helping kids. soldiers were whining about thier feelings all of the damned time.. i really got tired of cottling whiny bitches. “owie, mommy my pussy hurts”
    To get a soldier with some guts is a rare thing nowadays.

    the only way you pick up some of the higher friut in the tree is to force two year minimum enlistment. for everyone. no exceptions. then you get some fuck ups but the overall cross section is better.  After all, who wants to sign up to be a babysitter for americas fuck up whiners. If you have half a brain thats what you’re gonna be.

    as for treason, this is far from it. how about starting a war over WMD? where the fuck are my WMDs?! thats fucking treasonous. i want my taxpayers billions back. i know we couldnt have used that for anything constructive like a self sustaining social security program. or vaccinations for the sick, food for the starving.
    HIGHER standards for schools?!? the list goes on and on.

    Bill Maher and co arent treasonous. Theyre the only ones saying it like it is. Pointing the man out behind the curtain as it were. Now theyre being chastized for it. Bachus is a fucking retard. Now that my friends, is treason.

    This ‘proper war’ shit burns my ass as well.
    Im not going to tell a soldier how to extract his information from a prisioner. I am not even going to tell a soldier that he has to use food as anything other than a tool for extracting information.  I just want the information.
    If you think war can be accomplished without atrocities against someone youre dead wrong.
    War isnt pretty and you cant make it pretty.
    The war has made america the beautiful look like america the land of idiots.  The last time a country looked so bad the Brits had thier asses kicked all over our east coast and we declared independence. (thats what a proper war with pretty little rows and outfits gets ya)[not a jab at our friends across the pond either]

  3. I hate those fucking morons with “Support Our Troops” on their cars…WAKE UP! The US Military is pure evil…Don’t support the troops! Don’t the atrocities they are committing! And don’t give me that “they’re just doing their job” bullshit either.

  4. I think that there is something to be said for “supporting” our troops.  It doesn’t mean buying a damn magnet to stick on your fucking car.  It means giving them the best equipment to do their jobs and a paycheck that can support a family without foodstamps and medical care that is worth a shit.  It doesn’t mean injecting them with trial vaccines or spitting on them when they come home.  They are doing a job that many people don’t want to do.

    “Supporting the troops”, does not mean supporting the government “mission” they’ve been sent on.

  5. damn someone got TheBo$$ all fired up..

    my apologies on my half assed tyrade ..

    The US Military is pure evil…Don’t support the troops!

    on the contrary. The military is not to blame. Granted a large percentage are simply not that bright. The military is meerly a giant pawn.
    The responsibility is in our nations leaders to choose when and where to wisely utilize them.
    The ultimate quality of this pawn is up to leadership and the participants functioning as a unit.

    An ignorant, proud public will always stand behind these mini military campeingns (no matter how lame) as long as its declared devine..
    which is unfortunate for all parties involved.

    If we dont like what we see then it is up to the taxpayer to hold those in charge accountable.
    Not read about the lowly peon getting his ass barrated by those in charge over somthing they ordered to begin with. Then agree and say “get ‘em.”

    once again.. as for the methods of ‘extracting’ information…. war isnt pretty. Everyones threshold is different. Some require more personalized coaxing thats all.

    regardless still support the fucking troops.
    you get to do alot of shit because someone else cant.

  6. Coyote & Qoyan, I think, are forgetting that no one has to join the military and the ones that are over there now are either stupid (they think they’re doing good) or pussies too wimpy to stand up to the tryannical hand of the state. Ditto for people in the draft.

  7. I haven’t forgot that no one has  to join the military. I
    fully understand this. I believe all should do their time. This would
    improve the overall toughness of our military through diversity and
    build potential careers for the otherwise directionless while at the
    same time give those with other plans a taste of what it means to
    utilize military resources. Maybe this would dissuade misuse.

    Statewide Tyranny, as you put it, is driven by the few and put upon
    the many. I do agree that to any degree this is bad. Hence my
    blithering about the misuse and/or disguising the use of the military.

    We supposedly maintain a large ‘defense’ force.
    That is seemingly always on the offense. A wee bit of irony…

    Military forces are generally around to protect an area, carry out
    objectives and expand territories. Through BRUTE force. This
    means folks die and get maimed on a regular basis. I think we
    can build a far far better maiming machine and put it to good use.
    This will never happen and ‘good’ is subjective.

    Just say it like it is.. …..if its for glory, thats fine by me .. just say so.

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