The Wayback Machine

I was pointed to an interesting link today.  The Wayback Machine is an archive website that has saved copies of webpages from wayback…even from 2002 or so.  It looked alot different back then…

2 thoughts on “The Wayback Machine

  1. Surprisingly the oldest copy of SEB that site contains is still three designs into the life of the site. It’s a shame the Wayback machine doesn’t seem to be updating any longer. It didn’t capture any of the site during this year so far.

    If you’d like to see the two anime websites I used to maintain then type and and see what comes up. The oldest page for the former is December 2nd, 1998 and the latter is January 25th, 1999. Though with TCO you have to go a bit further forward in time to see more than just the splash page.

  2. There’s even a Firefox extension that will offer you the Waybacked version of the page you’re currently on via the context menu.

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