The Unitarian Jihad Name Generator

I keep seeing this over at DOF’s blog and I finally got around to checking to see what my Unitarian Jihad Name would be.

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: The Nail Gun of Sweet Reason.

Somehow that seems very fitting indeed. So, what’s yours?

18 thoughts on “The Unitarian Jihad Name Generator

  1. I am The Hand Grenade of Desirable Mindfulness, and proud of it. Les I upgraded my system, actually moved to a new machine a new OS and am very happy. But I lost all my passwords and auto-logins. So you don’t see my pretty face!! LOL I hope you are well and getting close to that new job. Good luck big guy.

  2. Hey Lark, I see your pretty face!  Cheers, the Sabre of Quiet Reflection.

  3. “Brother Nunchuku of Looking at All Sides of the Question” – longwinded, like me wink

  4. Sibling Jackhammer of Patience

      Hmmmm… being a jackhammer doesn’t sound very patient to me. tongue wink

  5. I am “The Nunchuku of Sweet Reason”! 
    I guess the nunchuku will have to take the place of my “Wiffle bat of shut the hell up”.  Hehehe.

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