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I just finished reading an article by Bob Moser of the Rolling Stone entitled ‘the crusaders’ over at from the and felt I really needed to share this with the people here at SEB. The article is well written and joins the dots between a lot of recent events including ‘Roys Rock’, and points to the insidious creature swimming just beneath the surface that is making those ripples. Even allowing for an element of hype this story makes reference to documented events and verifiable facts that make it a disturbing read.

  The article begins by relating a lot of events we are already familiar with, and gives a name to the driving force behind them, the dominionists.

Dominionists are pressing an agenda that makes Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America look like the Communist Manifesto. They want to rewrite schoolbooks to reflect a Christian version of American history, pack the nation’s courts with judges who follow Old Testament law, post the Ten Commandments in every courthouse and make it a felony for gay men to have sex and women to have abortions. In Florida, when the courts ordered Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube removed, it was the Dominionists who organized round-the-clock protests and issued a fiery call for Gov. Jeb Bush to defy the law and take Schiavo into state custody. Their ultimate goal is to plant the seeds of a “faith-based” government that will endure far longer than Bush’s presidency—all the way until Jesus comes back.

The article then goes on to quote the Rev Mel White, and draw a conclusion most of us here at SEB have made many times.

“Most people hear them talk about a ‘Christian nation’ and think, ‘Well, that sounds like a good, moral thing,’ says the Rev. Mel White, who ghostwrote Jerry Falwell’s autobiography before breaking with the evangelical movement. “What they don’t know—what even most conservative Christians who voted for Bush don’t know—is that ‘Christian nation’ means something else entirely to these Dominionist leaders. This movement is no more about following the example of Christ than Bush’s Clean Water Act is about clean water.”

  Ever wonder what happened to ‘Roys Rock’? Well it seems that monument to the Christian rights agenda to undermine the separation of church and state is still doing the rounds.

Roy’s Rock sits out front, fresh off a tour of twenty-one states, perched on the flag-festooned flatbed of a diesel truck, a potent symbol of the “faith-based” justice the Dominionists are bent on imposing. Activists at the conference pose for photographs beside the rock and have circulated a petition urging President Bush to appoint Moore—who once penned an opinion calling for the state to execute “practicing homosexuals”—to the U.S. Supreme Court. ( bold added for emphasis)

I read this part with more than a little incredulity, this man has openly stated that he feels people should be judged not by reasonable human laws and standards but by biblical ones, even to the point of executing homosexuals. Can you imagine if this man got into the supreme court? It just doesn’t bear thinking about…

“The most humble Christian is more qualified for office than the best-educated pagan,” says Cass, an anti-abortion activist who led a takeover of his school district’s board in San Diego.

Ah right well that would explain the village idiot you have as a president then, as long as he can read the bible and say hallelujah at the right intervals he’s obviously qualified to lead. Then again this is also a point much debated over here at SEB, the fact that these people see education as an enemy because educated people are more skeptical, and of course we can’t have that when we are trying to make everyone believe in the bible eh?

Cass also presents another small-town activist, Kevin McCoy, with a Salt and Light Award for leading a successful campaign to shut down an anti-bullying program in West Virginia schools. McCoy, a soft-spoken, prematurely gray postal worker, fought to end the program because it taught tolerance for gay people—and thus, in his view, constituted a “thinly disguised effort to promote the homosexual agenda.” “What America needs,” Cass tells the faithful, “is more Kevin McCoys.”

Oh great, so ‘queer bashing’ should become a national sport then? Perhaps they could use the stadiums to host events where they feed all the deviants to wild animals for the ‘righteous’ to witness the holy spectacle of divine judgment being passed on these ‘evildoers’? The more I read the more glad I am that I live on the other side of the Atlantic in the UK. Though bearing in mind current trends I am painfully aware that if the US goes down this road, then the UK will not be far behind perhaps 5-10 years at most.

As a pagan I generally work on a live and let live principle, and am fully aware that my beliefs would also fall down under the scrutiny of the SEBometer, then again my beliefs are personal and I don’t go around trying to force them on other people. Whereas this Christian need to bring everyone round to their way of thinking be it by persuasion, indoctrination or force, is something I find incredibly disturbing. How much would it take for a return to the witch burnings of the past I wonder?


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  1. Various people over the past 20+ years have scoffed at my insistence that right-wing Christian religious nuts were waging a stealth (and not-so-stealth) war on democracy, insidiously and systematically infiltrating our public institutions in order to make the Bible a more important document of American Law than the Constitution. They called me paranoid and overly-sensitive when I said the people from the Moral Majority, Focus on the Family and the Christian Coalition were a danger to the freedom of religion Americans enjoy and hold dear, saying that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill simply because I wasn’t a Christian.

    My greatest fears have been realized, and still there are those who pooh-pooh my angry diatribes against the wresting of the political process from the hands of rational people as these Dominionists continue to rise to power by placing Jesus Freaks at every level of government from public school boards to the presidency.

    I’m sure as I’m led away in chains for refusing to give my heart and mind to Jesus there’ll still be those who fail to see that my fears over the decades have been justified, or who will refuse to come to my aid and defense because they’re sure that the “godly” laws that require me to be removed from civil society can’t possibly be wrong, based as they are in Scripture.

    If you’re not angry or afraid, you just haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Iv been on my soapbox saying this for years now only to be dismissed as an angry Atheist, or that im the one that’s lost my mind.

    Yes this is actually the final nail in the coffin of the USA, WHEN these lunatics accomplish this.
    I say WHEN because apparently there is no stopping them at this point.
    We are currently 2 Supreme Court Justices & 1 hail Mary from a Christian Theocracy right now, sad thing is, once we step over to the “Dark Side” and 2+ more Fundy Nutjobs get seated on the SCOTUS they will hold a majority, and will do so for many many years to come long after the Lunatic in Chief leaves office.
    On the very day that happens the wheels will start spinning in the Christian Coalition camp to completely re-write the Constitution with carte blanche, all but running the original through the shredder.

    These lunatics have fought for this moment for over 25 years, they have placed Fundy Nutjobs in as many positions of power as possible, from Dog catcher, to school board, to Governor, to Senator, to Congress, to President and everything in between, making decisions based solely on Biblical BS.
    They dont even try to hide it anymore, they are blatant and bold, even proud & boisterous about it.
    The Wall between Church & State has been dismantled brick by brick to the point now where there are so many gaps & low spots in it that breaching it is common place and expected.

    I personally dont have much confidence in the American Public to stand up and revolt against this insanity, because that is exactly what it is going to take at this point, a full blown revolution.

    These nuts will destroy this country from the inside out, they have already divided the country to the point where only the Civil War surpasses it. The USA could easily sink to a mere shell of its former self in under a decade of Theocratic rule.
    Once Fundamentalist Christians (which BTW are a MINORITY in this country) gain so much power in every section of Government we lose the checks & balances to control the insanity, they will push every button, pull every lever, when they see they have reached the point where there is no opposition they WILL take total Dominion over this country.
    Basically they will have completed a semi-bloodless coup where 35-50 Million religious zealots have successfully taken over the country, what can you say other than good job.

    He outlined a long-range program to gain nothing short of control of the government of the United States. The goal was to control the country by the year 2000. (Done) 
    Robertson’s plan to take over every office in the United States was not as hair-brained as one would imagine. According to Tim LaHaye (co-author of the Left Behind series of novels) who appeared on Robertson’s show and outlined the plan, there were 110,000 fundamentalist churches in America. If each church sponsored one candidate for office, the Robertson faction would control every elective office in the U.S. since there were only 97,000 offices.

    Before total power could be accomplished, however, the Robertson faction had to gain control of the Republican Party. (DONE) Once the Republican Party was conquered, and it would be, Robertson would and did use millions of dollars donated to the cause by Robertson’s 700 Club viewers, to pour funds into congressional campaigns. (Done)

    First, Americans must be ruled by “godly

  3. Like OB and Nunyabiz, I have also been following this movement for the last 20+ years. The implications of their total takeover are terrifying, and it’s happening, folks.

    I went to the NYC Open Center conference mentioned in the post above last weekend. While I already knew about the Dominionists, the various speakers- some very well known and well-written journalists, scholars, and thinkers- added even more frightening things to think about. But it was good to meet some of my favorite writers- including Katherine Yurica- in person.

    Several of them have gotten together and started a brand new blog on the subject called Talk2Action that will serve as a launching point of both education and action concerning the Dominionist takeover of our government. It’s a brand-new blog, and if this subject interests you, please visit it. It has a great selection of links to other blogs and sites about this movement.

    The conference was a history making event- in the estimation of the organizers, no one had ever done this before on this massive a scale. It was sold out. Many prominent people were there, including Kurt Vonnegut. The whole program was professionally videotaped, and the organizers hope to make an edited DVD version available for distribution to PBS as well as an unedited version for archival purposes. I plan to get both when they become available.

  4. I know I rant a bunch around these here parts [tks] but I think my windbags are tired tonight so I’ll save my two cents and simply say, “To Arms.”

  5. If these loons take effective control of the US I can only wonder what their attitudes towards Canada will be.  After all there are all sorts of things they wouldn’t like about Canada, from the fact that our governments are “too socialist,” to the direction religion is going in this country.

  6. As a Straight White Christian Male… even I am ASHAMED of this! I’m getting to think that the only way the Homosexuals in the US will actually get respect IS to go the route of Martin Luther King, Jr. Personally, I have no problems with them as long as they respect that I am straight.

    Also, isn’t it ironic that the only difference between the Dominionists trying to take over this nation and the Terrorists the US has fought overseas is thier religion? The enemy is not religion, it’s fundamentalist religion.

  7. Pushy like this ?

    Did anyone go there and take the quiz?

    The page took forever to load on my crappy connection. Sheesh.  You’d think they’d be more concerned about their message than flash presentations!  But then look who we’re talking about!

    The first thing I notice is that their little logo is WJDD, not WWJD.  Spell much?  Yeah, I thought so.

    So it asks me if I’m a Christian and I click no, and proceed to the condescension of a quiz concerning the fate of my eternal soul.  Will I go to hell?  I don’t really care, but I’m amused enough by the guy reading ten commandments off like Who wants to be a Millionaire questions to pursue the matter.

    The first one was really funny.  Apparently God is a happy rainbow jesus guy, and to assume that he might send you to hell…sends you to hell!  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

    Alex Trebek begins with the question, “Are you good enough to go to heaven?”, then goes through a list of the commandments and you have to click Innocent or Guilty after each one. 

    I started out trying to be fair, but apparently I can’t scratch my ass without offending God.  Finally I gave up reading the dang things altogether and just kept pushing guilty.  I love how at the end of certain commandments is says, “This is a REALLY BAD THING and if you’ve done this, you’re already going to hell!”  Why bother, right?

    Kind of like, “Are you sure this is your final answer?”

    Finally I get to the end and it gives me some religious blurb (go figure, eh?) and provides handy links to other parts of the site.  You know, just in case I want to learn how to get rid of all my pesky lust and kick that serial killing habit I picked up in high school.

    I didn’t get through all of it, because by that time I’d fallen asleep on my keyboard from the hypnotizing orange glow.

  8. Wow, that was my first guest post on SEB and I am amazed at the great responses, thank you everyone! smile
    My standard response to christians who try to convert me these days, is to tell them I will become a christian the day their god can speak and think for himself and ask me to. I get pretty fed up with being told what god thinks of my lifestyle by other people who clearly seem to be making it up as they go along based on their own bias and prejudices.

  9. Did anyone go there and take the quiz?

    Yes, Shana, I was between bows, so I went.  I flunked, but that’s good, because I’ll be with all my friends, and I play harp enough in this life anyway.

  10. They quote Kent Hovind in their evolution answers, promote “hate the sin, hate the sinner”, tell you how to “Preach at a funeral for someone you suspect died unsaved”…

    Would you ever take pornography to church and look at it during worship? You may as well, because God is just as present in your bedroom as He is in the church building.

      Well, it is National Masturbation Month…

  11. Thanks for bringing this piece of info to light.  This is one immense reason that nothing short of war needs to be brought to the doorstep of this religious community, because if we do not eradicate them, and quickly, surely they will not idly sit by.  Given, ive been on this particular soapbox many a time, but these people are talking murder in the streets, desturction of memories without regard to who holds them dear, and a martial throcracy, equalling hell on earth. 

    Anyone who values their freedom as a human being should stand up and resist these fiends, these cadavers filled with christian propaganda to aid their murderous urges.  If this great era of woe should come to begin, I can guarantee the following things will happen, on one level or another:
    -No freedom of speech.
    -No freedom of religion.
    -Laws imposed on all forms of media, and martial aggression against all non-christian factions.
    -Sky-rocketing amounts of arrests.
    -Christian religious propaganda on an inescapable scale.
    -Destruction of sacred artifacts to both religion and state.
    -religious background a requirement for state positions.

    These next few are iffy but still in the spectrum of possibility…
    -Public demonstrations against those who oppose the ‘bibical state,’ resulting in cruel and nusual punishment, consistently.
    -Christianity as mandatory eduaction.
    -Manhunts against non-christian religious leaders
    -More horrible judgements made from star-gazing and bible beating as to the future.

    More to come as I ponder this, but who, in their right mind, would let this come to pass?  I ask anyone who can see this message to do everything in their power to stop these devils from unmaking human society as we know it. I know this sounds looney and apocalyptic but we have evidence of their plot, we know they have the numbers and sway, and they gather more forces day by day.

    They are man’s predators, treat them as nothing less, and nothing more.

  12. wboth, when you use the word “war” I’m hoping you’re speaking metaphorically. Actual physical violence is something I sincerely hope never ends up being necessary. Perhaps it’s a sign of my hidden optimism in mankind, but I do believe the best weapon in the fight against the Reconstructionists, Dominionists and Fundamentalists is education. It’s important to remember the words of people like Ingersoll:

      We have already compared the benefits of theology and science. When the theologian governed the world, it was covered with huts and hovels for the many, palaces and cathedrals for the few. To nearly all the children of men, reading and writing were unknown arts. The poor were clad in rags and skins—they devoured crusts, and gnawed bones. The day of Science dawned, and the luxuries of a century ago are the necessities of to-day. Men in the middle ranks of life have more of the conveniences and elegancies than the princes and kings of the theological times. But above and over all this, is the development of mind. There is more of value in the brain of an average man of to-day—of a master-mechanic, of a chemist, of a naturalist, of an inventor, than there was in the brain of the world four hundred years ago.

      These blessings did not fall from the skies. These benefits did not drop from the outstretched hands of priests. They were not found in cathedrals or behind altars—neither were they searched for with holy candles. They were not discovered by the closed eyes of prayer, nor did they come in answer to superstitious supplication. They are the children of freedom, the gifts of reason, observation and experience—and for them all, man is indebted to man.

    LJ, yes, that’s Roy’s Rock. I wrote about it a couple of times myself.

  13. Where did ya get the indented paragraph from?  I like it a lot. 

    But I speak of the war as, now, one of beliefs and ideas.  You could say its more like recruitment, and people like the dominionists will bring about the true violent war, which would resemble the civil war with people against people, brother against brother, kindred souls killing for the right to feel saved.

    But yes, as to the present I speak in metaphors and other such things.  As much as I enjoy a good sword fight and a good contest of strength, this war wouldn’t be about glory or honor should it come to pass.  It would be about the bad and the worse dealings of man, the ‘saved’ against the ‘damned’.  As much of a cliche as it is, this could be the world war three of our time, because rest assured this epidemic will not be contained to the u.s., it will spread to everywhere the dominionists can reach.

    I would love for this issue to simply vanish into night and the whole world to realize spiritual existance and not care about a belief structure to follow with it, but it would take nothing short of a miracle to make this happen.

  14. The text I quoted in my reply comes from Robert Ingersoll (link goes to an search for his books, I get a few pennies if you buy one). You can also find quite a few of his writings online such as at the Internet Infidels website. Lastly you can find a large collection of quotes of his, along with a lot of other Freethinkers such as the Founding Fathers, collected over at Positive Atheism.

    But yes, as to the present I speak in metaphors and other such things.  As much as I enjoy a good sword fight and a good contest of strength, this war wouldn’t be about glory or honor should it come to pass.  It would be about the bad and the worse dealings of man, the ‘saved’ against the ‘damned’.  As much of a cliche as it is, this could be the world war three of our time, because rest assured this epidemic will not be contained to the u.s., it will spread to everywhere the dominionists can reach.

    I’m hopeful that there are enough rational people in the world to keep the Dominionists and such in check, but history shows us that the worst can still happen before we regain our senses.

  15. Figured more people woulda responded about this.

    But, I believe that if attention is brought to this institution’s desires and capabilites bevore it exits its ‘nest’ so to speak, it can be routed or it could cause an explosion of support, I can’t see the future here.

    So, can anyone in Ohio please give me a shout?

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