Radiohead’s “Creep” done as flash animation.

Check out this amazing Flash animation set to the music of Radiohead’s song Creep by the folks at Monkeyhub. This is the acoustic version of the song and the animation is incredibly cool.

10 thoughts on “Radiohead’s “Creep” done as flash animation.

  1. Thanks, Les. That was special, so very special for one of the best songs around.

    I can imagine fitting graphics for the hard version as well, where the guitar duh dums cause a jello-like quivering, and eventually, everything melts under a withering noon-day sun.

    Yeah, my version would definitely be darker.

  2. Thanks, Les. One area I’ve been remiss in developing, recently. I appreciated the exposure.  cool smile

  3. Wow, I love that! It’s so very well done. How far can flash go? It’s incredible.

  4. creep update for Brock- Eileen at KALX (plug!) was kind enough to play the electronic version of “Creep” for me, and while it’s also enjoyable, it’s a bit too slick for me.  Sort of like a nonhawaiian shirt.

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