More positive comments about “Revenge of the Sith.”

Looks like Kevin Smith isn’t alone in this enthusiasm for the next Star Wars flick. Matt Dentler has a review up after seeing a press screening of the film and he paints a rosy picture:

– It’s the most graphically violent and disturbing of all six of the Star Wars films. Just when you think Lucas won’t take it too far, he does. It’s amazing to think that the guy we all thought had gone soft on us, was really hiding these dark and violent scenes for later.

– This film makes the first two weak prequels well worth it, if we were building up to this. Episodes I and II do make a little more sense. This is the best of the trilogy in the same ways that Return of the King was the best of that trilogy. This one, though, this is the film we’ve wanted for 20 years.

– Very, very, very little Jar Jar Binks.

– It’s great to witness the actors growing up as performers. Both Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen have matured over the years. I mean, you sit there watching Portman, and you see the momentum of Garden State and Closer shine through.

– The Wookiee planet is awesome. Keep an ear open for a Weismuller-era Tarzan homage. It’s classic.

– Everyone’s a badass. Sure, you hope Anakin Skywalker becomes more of a badass (and he does). But, Yoda is a bigger badass. Even R2-D2 is a badass for once (just wait and see). Samuel L. Jackson was always a badass.

– The way in which Anakin is pulled over to the Dark Side is totally convincing. I mean, he’s supposed to evolve into one of the greatest screen villains of all time, and the process works. You believe the way he was tricked, and how tragic it becomes.

– I wanna spend an entire movie inside the opera/circus/theater that Anakin and Palpatine discuss the legends of the Sith. This “watershow” and its music are intense and amazing. More of that, please.

– Check out the subtle Peter Cushing lookalike, one of the many examples of how Lucas really does tie everything together in a fanboy bow.

– The montage in the middle of the film (I’ll call it the “Order 66” sequence and say nothing else) will bring any Star Wars fan to the edge of their seat and grip you more than any sequence in the entire series of the films. It’s heartbreaking – and not unexpected – but still presented in a tragic and engrossing manner. It also teases the viewer with some of the other worlds and battles that we didn’t spend much time upon… and for once, a Star Wars prequel leaves you wanting more. Wow. I guess that was the whole point. Good job, George Lucas, you clever boy.

OK, I officially want to see the film now. Somehow I doubt I’ll be employed by the time it’s released, but perhaps I can squeeze enough funds together to take the family to an early showing not too long after it hits the screens. Of course if I am employed then so much the better.

6 thoughts on “More positive comments about “Revenge of the Sith.”

  1. Wayne Pygram, who portrays Governor Tarkin also played Scorpius and Harvey in Farscape. I agree with Matt Dentler there; excellent casting.

  2. I read the novelization a little while ago. The story line is actually VERY good. The author of the novelization does embellish in a few areas to tie the novel in with the extended universe but, as long as certain key themes and events (especially the ones that tie the entire series together) appear in the movie similar to how they are in the book, I will be very, very happy with this movie.

  3. Does this mean Padme and Jar Jar are badass? =P

    Seriously, it sounds worth watching.

  4. Sure it’ll be worth watching. And I’ll love it, no doubt. Like the last two, there will be things that I hate, but not enough to overcome how much I love it. That’s just the way it is with Star Wars. Unlike Hitchhikers which just plain sucked on every level.

  5. i saw the trailer,
    and liked the idea of Anakin being a stormtrooper himself, ruthlessly exterminating the “enemy” jedi.
    violence and light-sabres so go hand-in-hand..
    i’m sure any one here who has played Knights of the Old Republic will agree with me..

    another thing that looks good is how sinister (but fluid) Palpatine looks in that scene where they try to arrest him.

    hey les, keep your head up high about the job thing..i’m in the same boat(though twenty years younger) and despite having two degrees and a diploma no one is interested in even giving me an interview…

    i’m sure it’ll come right…you have Bush and we have affirmative action (as bitter as it makes me feel, the black people of this country deserve the push upwards after 300 years of being kept down).

    but i can always join the army i suppose. the idea of killing someone fills me with revulsion, yet i think i could be a sniper..the idea appeals to me…and Mbeki could use a talented sniper in Africa’s peac keeping force.

    ok…that was all a bit random..

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