Lot of folks jumping on PSP bandwagon with portable media.

This is actually kind of surprising to me as I had my doubts that Sony’s Playstation Portable would see much support for its video capabilities beyond Sony itself with whatever movies ended up being released in UMD format. What I hadn’t considered, though, was the PSP’s wireless features. Someone at ABC News thought about it though as they are making their news reports available for download by PSP owners who want their news on the go.

Consumers who own Sony’s PSP entertainment device can download selected programs to view on the hand-held unit.

“Today, 99% of people with PSPs are using it to play the fantastic games,” said Bernie Gershon, ABC News digital media group senior vp and general manager. “But our view is that wherever there is a screen, there is a potential viewer of ABC News.”

The initative is starting with the technology program “Ahead of the Curve,” music reviews and other shortform content drawn from the network’s all-digital ABC News Now multimedia news initiative.

ABC isn’t alone on this one either. ATOM Films has launched their Mobile Movie Theater offering various shorts from their library for download to your PSP and watch wherever you feel like.

You can get in on the action yourself with packages such as PSP Video 9:

PSP Video 9 is a free PSP video conversion and management application. It can convert regular PC video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into PSP video files, as well as manage/copy these PSP video files between your PC and PSP.

When combined with another application, Videora + PSP Video 9 form the first PSPcasting solution, allowing you to download, convert and copy video to your PSP, automatically using BitTorrent and RSS technology.

Now that’s damned cool. Another option is PSP Connect which not only helps you to covert videos over to your PSP, but has a number of freely available downloads on their site including some ABC News content, some movie trailers, and a couple of episodes of Speed Racer.

Of course this all has to be stored on a Sony Memory Stick as the PSP doesn’t have a hard drive and the UMDs are not writeable so it’ll be interesting to see how much content you can fit on the average stick. Sony has Memory Sticks in sizes of up to 2GB, but it’ll cost you. The 2GB model sells for $450 and the 512MB model sells for $90.

3 thoughts on “Lot of folks jumping on PSP bandwagon with portable media.

  1. The PSP is proving that it’s going to be one of the most sought after devices for people to tinker around with it’s multimedia applications.

    Even though it’s amazing to hear about the various video formats the PSP can handle, I doubt I’ll be buying one until the price drops about 100 bucks less.

  2. I’m with you there, though I don’t have a hope of buying one until I get employed once again. It’s something I wouldn’t mind owning, though.

  3. I’m one of those that got a PSP when it came out.  Compared to the other handheld game systems there’s literally just no comparison; its graphics and other capabilities just blow all the other systems out of the water (I’m looking your way GBA and Nintendo DS).

    One of my friends decided to start up a PSP Wiki for all sorts of PSP-related information.  Among other things it has tutorials on converting video to a format that the PSP can use.

    A 2 hour movie converted to a PSP-useable format at quite reasonable quality will run around 300-350MB, so it will certainly fit on a 512MB memory stick (which actually has something like 470MB of real, useable space after formatting and such).  There’s a bit of info about that in the DVD to PSP post on my site.

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