I’m gonna feel this one in the morning.

Spent the day finally clearing out the storage unit we’d been renting to hold all the crap we couldn’t fit into the apartment. About a quarter of the stuff got tossed into the trash immediately, a handful of boxes came home to the apartment, and everything else was moved to a small corner of my in-law’s basement that they were gracious enough to donate to the cause. That’s a $122 a month I’m not spending anymore which should ease the burden of surviving on unemployment at least a little bit. Some of those boxes were full of stuff from the first time I moved out and into an apartment with Courtney’s mother so it was crap I’d packed away and not used for well over 14 years now. Which just shows how much of a pack rat I can be at times. One item that I didn’t find in the storage unit and which I’m quite upset about was my old Amiga 1200. I don’t think I ever pulled it out and brought it back here to the apartment so it should have been there and I’m hoping it’s still in one of the boxes at the in-laws and I’ve just overlooked it. I don’t want to think about the possibility that I may have thrown it away by accident.

Needless to say, after pulling all the stuff out of the storage unit and digging through it and then loading into a truck and then unloading it at the in-laws and back at the apartment, well, I’m a tad sore. I really need to listen to DOF and start exercising as I’m already feeling it and I’m sure I’m going to be even more sore after a night’s sleep.

Took a look at Mom-in-Law’s PC while I was out there. It’s managed to catch a couple of nasty viruses and such that won’t let go so I brought the PC back here to do a backup and full restage. Should have that done and back out to here within a day.

Called and set up the appointment to turn in the Saturn we leased this Saturday. Hoping that any charges for minor repairs it may need are relatively small. This means I need to devote some time this week to figuring out what needs to be done to my Grand Prix to get it back into proper working condition as it’s soon to be the only car we’ll have. An oil change is definitely on the list as is the purchase of at least one new tire, though I may see how much I can get a full set for.

So that’s what I’ve been up to all day today. Over the next several days I’ll probably end up boring you to death with entries about this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) which begins tomorrow. Ironically I’m turning in my cable TV box the same day that E3 starts so I won’t be watching the two hour specials running on G4 over the next few days. We’re dropping the TV portion of our cable service and keeping just the Internet service (at a reduced speed) to try and cut that bill down by about half, but man did I pick the wrong week to do it on. Oh well. There’s always the online coverage to obsess over.

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