I want one.

Saw this over at PZ’s blog as well:

It’ll set you back about $8 from the folks at Ring of Fire Enterprises. Of course, depending on where you live, it could end up costing a bit more if some religious nutjob takes a baseball bat to your car over it. Still, I want one.

14 thoughts on “I want one.

  1. I like the Gefilte Fish car emblem. I saw one on a car in the movie “Saved” at the weekend and though it was a prop. they created.

  2. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm…I like fish! 

    Why do christians feel the need to tell everyone about jesus?  Can’t they just keep it to themselves?  I don’t walk around trying to get them to NOT believe…*sigh*.

  3. that is an interesting comment about christians.

    I smell bacon. More accurately, spam. Better watch this guy, Les.

  4. I’ve decided I want one of those little braclets that christians wear, those “W.W.J.D” things. Except mine would say “W.W.J.B.D.” Then, when confused christians asked what it meant I could point out that the “J.B.” stood for Jimmy Buffett……

  5. W.W.O.D. – What Would Ozzy Do?

    W.W.J.B.D. – Get drunk and screw would be my guess wink

  6. Actually I believe the decal that Les posted is somewhat prophetic.  The materialistic, marketing giant, and outright “show” that Western Christianity has become is about to be eaten and swallowed up.

    Note: Most “christians” do not tell people about Jesus, because most do not know Him or about Him, they tell others about how bad they are.  they tell others about their church or their program or about the lastest book or philosophy.  Most christians do not tell others about Jesus because they are not sure about Him or for that matter even about themselves.

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