Get yourself some Manga Head!

No, “Manga Head” is not a uniquely Japanese version of oral sex. It’s a new styling gel from Garnier that allows you to create hairstyles just like your favorite anime or manga characters have.

The sad part is that I would’ve jumped at the chance to use a product like this back when I was younger and wasn’t shaving my head on a regular basis, which just shows you the sort of bad taste I have in fashion. I was once really into anime and manga until I got married and Courtney came to live with me and I couldn’t afford to buy it anymore, but back when I had disposable income I would’ve killed for something that would give me anime-style hair.

Still, my daughter has picked up on my former obsession so there may yet be a Jenkins who ends up looking like a Warner Bros. cartoon character that just had dynamite go off next to her head.

8 thoughts on “Get yourself some Manga Head!

  1. DUDE, even if you only have hair at the sides of your head, you should grow it out so you can use this stuff to make your hair look like Dr. Wily’s from Mega Man!  That would look SO fucking awesome.

  2. Yeah…let me walk into the office tomorrow morning with a hairdo like that.

  3. This is awesome! There is alot offered with anime and manga.(Especially Hentai and Yuri!) Now to look it too!? COOL!!! Even thaough you don’t have hair you can still look like Nappa right? We at school have an anime club so i can get my weekly extra dose of anime. Shonen, Love Hina, and Chobits aren’t enough. Z ya!

  4. Les, I laughed out loud about the dynamite hairdoo. I visualized a Wile E. Coyote hairdoo. Funny! DrDude P.S. the stuff is a bit late for me too…damn one looses a lot of hair at 41…

  5. Oh man, this is awesome!! I’m 19, my hair is long, and I love anime!! Takumi Fujiwara, your hair is mine!! MUAHAHA!!

  6. I’m not into anime, but I can so see myself working my 21″ of blond into bull horns or something.

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