“Episode III” getting good reviews.

We decided to hold off on seeing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith until tomorrow with friends so don’t spoil anything for me. So far, though, it appears as though the critics think it’s a decent enough film as it has an 83% freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes.com at the moment. Just about every reviewer says this is the film we’ve been waiting nearly 30 years to see. I’m glad to hear this and I’d hate to see one of my all-time favorite film series end with a piss-poor movie. I’ll find out just how good it really is tomorrow afternoon.

8 thoughts on ““Episode III” getting good reviews.

  1. So what did you think? I loved it except for the scene where DV breaks loose from the table, otherwise a great movie and the best out of the new trilogy.

  2. Saw it with my better half on opening night (she’s a Star Wars fanatic grin

    Actually, I thought the part where Vader breaks loose of the table was pretty cool… A blatant homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but appropriate.

    They finally got the mood right for the movie, getting away from the cheesy Jar-Jar Dink-type feel-good crap. It needed to be a bit dark and brooding..  turned out very intense.

  3. I enjoyed it immensely. It’s without question my favorite of the prequels and it sits pretty well with the first three movies to boot. Surprisingly it did, as one reviewer suggested, make the first two prequels a little less bad in my mind. It’s definitely worth seeing in the theater as the lightsaber fights were the best ever done. It was also cool noticing the subtle design changes in ships and surroundings that pointed towards what things would look like in the next chapters. It took me a couple of moments to realize, for example, that the ship Anakin flies through most of the movie is a precursor to the Tie Fighter.

  4. Actually thats is exactly why I didnt like that scene… but othewrsie you are right the mood was set right.

    I love it, and I’m going to watch again tomorrow..

  5. All I have to say is…  blue lightsabers should NOT fight blue lightsabers ><  It just feels wrong!  lol

  6. Absolutely fantastic!For the first time in ages i’ve actually been shocked by a movie scene!
    Burn Vader!!

  7. Hubby went to see it last night, and when he came home I had to endure a couple hours worth of his ranting and raving… he HATED it, which is quite surprising in light of how big a fanboy as he is.

    Unfortunately, the poor bastard is going to have to endure the torture and sit through one more viewing, since he promised the Princess he’d take her and her friends to see ROTS at Universal City Walk this weekend. LOL

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