Darth Vader or The King? Who Is More Evil?

Question: What is dark, interactive and challenging?
Answer: The Sith Sense,  where Darth Vader has twenty chances to guess what you are thinking. With one thing I had in mind, I managed to defy his dark-sided force skills 29 times! But there’s no reason to think you will accomplish the same. The force is strong in me. Deal with it! Still, do you think Vader was impressed? If you can’t choke it with your mind, he isn’t.

That King dude, he makes me uneasy. He scares me more than Vader does because he’s fifty times creepier. If he hadn’t been helping Vader I’m sure I could have deflected Vader’s mind-reaming attempts much longer. Who made him king then? I didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective. Well, I didn’t vote for him anyway.

Oh,  I almost forgot to tell you; I was thinking of a snail.

8 thoughts on “Darth Vader or The King? Who Is More Evil?

  1. Yeah, the King is far creepier than Vader anyday.  I stumped him at 30 with a vitamin.

  2. I made him feel insignificant with a candle and a cactus. All too easy.

    He wants me to join the dark side now.

  3. Vader got me; I was thinking of a pig (my first choice was a hot dog, but wasn’t sure if that was considered an animal, other, or unknown).  Then he got me on paper clip, but I stumped him on vibrator.

    But this isn’t Darth Vader, it’s RO-MAN!!  Watch his arm movements—they often make no sense with what he’s saying (and sometimes he doesn’t say anything, he just waves his arms).

    At what point on the graph do “must” and “cannot” meet?

    —Joe grin

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