Car repairs are done.

For the moment at least. The good news is that the two tires I needed to have replaced had manufacturer defects so I got a discount on their replacements. Cost was $119.64 at Discount Tire after a $94 discount.

From there I took a trip to Speedy for the brakes and a round of good news/bad news. Good: Front brakes were in good shape and backs needed replacement, but weren’t metal on metal yet. Bad: All four discs were rusting and should be replaced. The backs were much worse than the front, though, so I only had them put new discs on the back. Total damage done: $300.85.

Lastly I stopped by the local Valvoline Oil Change center and had them swap out the crude, put in a new PCV valve and air filter, and toss some fuel injector cleaner into the tank. That came out to $67.08. I’m due for a Transmission Fluid Change and a couple of other things as well, but couldn’t afford them at the time so they’ll have to wait until I can get working again.

Total costs are $487.57 which works out well as my Dad is sending me $500 to get the car in order. My parents aren’t in much shape to be tossing lots of money my way so I’ve made a point to avoid asking for much more than gas money when I come up to visit. Dad called me up and pretty much told me he was sending me the money I needed for the car and, honestly, I didn’t have a lot of desire to argue with him about it. So now the Grand Prix is in decent shape and ready to return to full active duty when we turn in the Saturn we leased on Saturday. One crisis down, now on to the next one.

5 thoughts on “Car repairs are done.

  1. Bad Ass!
    Way to peel em on those tires Les!
    Damn, thats good luck.
    Did you get em to vaccuum it out for ya too?

    as for the discs ‘rotors’..
    yes indeed they do rust.. especially when you park a ride for a while.. however a few low speed stops will expose the shiny new metal bits {although rust can cause poor function for a while after}. sometimes the rotor surface becomes worn unevenly but its the pads
    that typically cause rotor damage [when they get thin they squeak.. when too thin then they grind.]

    nice to hear you got it outta the shop with your shirt still on. wink

  2. I change my own oil to save costs, plus the fact that I use full synthetic and go longer between changes.  Ends up being cheaper in the long run.  My wife used to have a grand prix, but I didn’t change the trans fluid b/c it was one of the “unscrew the pan to drain” types.  Fuck that, I had to do that on my old pickup – what a mess(ATF gives you manga head, too).  My saturn has a drain plug on the trans, so I’ve changed that one.  Auto Zone recycles motor and trans oil, so it’s easy enough to get rid of (and many of them are open 24 hours).  They do leave you stuck with the old filter though, which is annoying. 

    Great deal on the tires.  I gotta get a new set for my car soon.  Damn touring tires I got b/c they were rated for 80K miles are wearing out at about half that. 

    I’d like to be able to do my own brakes.  This year I finally had to replace the brakes on my 5 year old Saturn.  Hopefully these will last another 5 years, then I’ll get another vehicle.  So, I’d not work on brakes often enough to make it worthwhile, especially when the shop let me use two coupons at the same time. smile

  3. Dont worry about the brake rust. It’s only because its been sitting and driving will cure this. Dont waste your time draining the transmission to change the fluid. That method yeilds you only a small portion of the total fluid. You will still have filthy oxidized fluid in the torque converter and lines/cooler. The most effective thing you can do, when you are able, is to get a flush. There is a machine that is used that will flush out the system and will also clean the filer. I know, I have done hundreds…… The machine has a sight glass and you can actually watch it get cleaner during the process. It should cost between 120$ and 180$

  4. Wow, $300 for brakes? You need to learn to work on your own car. All of this could have been done in about 1 hour for a total cost of way below 100 bucks. Add the oil change? 20 bucks with high grade oil and filter (better than they use). PCV? Um…scam. Take it off in about 15 seconds, blow in it. If it clicks, it’s fine. You certainly wasted money on the injector cleaner. That stuff is in every gallon of gas you buy now. You already paid for it your last fill up.

    At least you helped the Bush economy.

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