Bad news in the job search.

I heard back from the travel tech job folks today. They’ve decided to move forward with a different candidate which means I’m officially down to 0 opportunities at the moment. This one had been the best of the lot as well with the potential to earn upwards of $85,000 a year with a minimum of $60,000. I kinda figured it was a long shot anyway and I wasn’t real excited about the travel, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a disappointment to get that phone call.

This means I’m still available to be discovered by some big name director looking to cast an unknown in his next big film I suppose, but that’s an even longer shot. Oh well. If you’ll pardon me now I’m going to go see if I can find my stiff upper lip.

14 thoughts on “Bad news in the job search.

  1. I’m so sorry, Les.  It sucks to get those kinds of phone calls (or, even worse, never to hear back from them).

  2. Not much to say except keep looking.  Someone close to me is in the same situation as you, and discouragement is affecting their desire to search, and thereby their prospects.  Keep at it.  Other than that, I don’t have anything to say that I’m sure you don’t already know, except that you are in my thoughts. 


  3. Thanks for the support. I’m still plugging away. In a spot of good news, to keep this roller coaster moving, I just got off the phone with yet another contract house that got my resume from one of the folks I used to support in my old position and they have a couple of opportunities back at The Automotive company I was let go from doing Production Support that they’re going to put my name in for.

    So, I’m back to waitin’ by the phone once again. Wheeee!

  4. Les said: “I just got off the phone with yet another contract house that got my resume from one of the folks I used to support in my old position and they have a couple of opportunities back at The Automotive company…”

    Owww!  I crossed my fingers so much it hurt!

    Like ***Dave, I will also hold you in my thoughts, though I suspect he may be praying for you behind your back.  cool smirk

  5. Damn. I tell ya. Michigan might be a pretty state to live in.. >grumbling



    have been on eneough interviews to know this pain. Damn, it still stings..
    I have also been outright screwed on a few of them.
    Often times
    the folks you interview with are the individuals that carry projects and actually know what the fuck is going on.(the rest of the time thier morons and lackies) These individuals have no say (ultimately) as to whether[sp?] or not an individual gets hired.  Usually some idiot that cant even begin to grasp a single bullet on an individuals resume is the one that decides. [do i sound bitter?] The rest is all for fluff. This often happens when companies do this Prime and Sub shit. Then there’s all kinds of show but no go.. lots of saving face and wasting each potential candidates time. I really hate that shit.

    I know I know.. I’m about as supportive as a hand-me-down jock strap is to a field hockey team.

    I hope this one pans for ya dude.

    ..stupid money. I would wipe my ass with it if could bear to flush it.

  6. Les, I posted a comment in the wrong thread earlier. Sorry about that.

    Is there a list of all the companies in michigan?

    Here is why I am asking.

    Where I live (Quebec), There is a website ( That lists all the companies and gives you a brief description of what they do and who’s in charge and how much money they make…phone, fax…

    This is the one I am using. It’s simple.

    It’s a powerful tool because you can adress them personally and directly.

    There’s got to be something like that in Michigan.

    Maybe you’ve tried that. Maybe someone else has mentionned something similar…

    That was just the first step. Tell me if you want to hear the rest.

  7. Sorry about the letdown there, Les.

    I’m not big name/time and I could only offer the comfort of a sandwich and a floor to sleep on, but if I’m ever in the market for a big, angry, scary-looking guy in a film I’ll let you know. (Of course, you’d have to come to Idaho…)

    Better luck in the future job hunt.

  8. Appreciate the advice, Serge. Don’t know if Michigan has anything similar, but I’ll check into it and see what I can come up with.

    Jonesy, I’m good at looking big, angry and scary so long as I don’t open my mouth and ruin the effect by actually talking. Then it becomes apparent I’m just a big teddy bear. wink

  9. No problem. If you had lines I’d have to double the offer, two sandwiches and double the floorspace. Or something like that.

    Man, thsoe Screen Actors Guild rules can be killer.

  10. Sorry to hear the bad news.  Maybe you and I could make a buddy film together.  Big fat guy and little fat guy…I smell a sit-com!!

  11. Hope your luck improves soon, Les!

    How about a sitcom featuring the wacky SEB-ers? Friends on acid wink

  12. I’d watch a show like that!  It would be filmed in dozens of cities around the world, with the characters’s lives and voiceovers converging as scenes and voiceover.  Casting alone would be a lot of fun.

    I call Christopher Lloyd, though he is much better-looking.

  13. I have no idea who you’d have to get to play me. There’s not a lot of folks in Hollywood who look anything like me, which is why I’d be such a great unknown to have in someone’s next big movie.

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