Bad choices in logo design.

So you tell me what you see in the new logo for Brazil’s Instituto de Estudos Orientais:

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Found via ***Dave who got it from Boing Boing.


14 thoughts on “Bad choices in logo design.

  1. The irony is that it’s actually a very clever and nice logo, a golden yellow pagoda in front of a rising sun.  I’m not sure how it could be tweaked to   eliminate it’s, um, other associations.

    I also wonder how it got out of committee, but that’s another matter.

  2. Wow… I only realized what the picture was supposed to be after reading Dave’s comment.  It’s like that picture where you either see a vase or two people looking at each other.  All depends on your mind set.

  3. I saw both what it was supposed to be and what it strikes most people as being when I looked at it and I agree that it is a clever design that has an unfortunate double meaning.

    Perhaps if the pagoda was a bit fancier and looked even more like a pagoda it wouldn’t be so bad.

  4. The sun needs to be offset.  Maybe set it a little to the right or left, and then up a little.  Otherwise it does have some sex appeal.  A logo like that might be a good for gettin’ busy after some good studying.

  5. Kamakazi says to the graphic artist: “No No No! I said our saying goes “On BEhalf of the rising sun!” NOT “IN BACKHalf of the rising sun” !!!!!


    Logo for resturaunt: PHUKET THAI
    “we deliver anywhere….. no, really”

  6. So Bin Laden was finnaly killed, his retarded cousin took over as the leader of the bunch.

    Ali-Kahlhachulumibelhmi says to the new leader
    “see boss, I told you hot air baloons wouldnt do any real damage!”

  7. I agree, that the sun should b offset and perhaps some rays or halo as well – just to disconnect the sexual feeling that sume ppl have ROFL

    And perhaps different strokes….

    Nice work anyway – keep it simple.

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