Asshat convinces woman with Alzheimer’s to buy 11 organs.

Scott Lewis Heyder sure knows how to take advantage of someone with a disability. Over the course of a year and a half he convinced a 79 year-old woman with Alzheimer’s to purchase 11 different organs as trade ups on the claim that it would improve her playing. In all she was milked of $25,000.

“I think it’s unconscionable, especially after the family confronted this sales person and said our mother has mental failings due to Alzheimer’s, she doesn’t know what she’s doing,” Doll said.

The Spring Hill woman began buying and trading organs at the Fletcher Music Center at Gulfview Square Mall in 2003 after taking lessons there. Detectives requested that she not be publicly identified, fearing she might become the victim of another financial scam.

Heyder encouraged her to buy an organ for about $1,650, detectives said, and within days he urged her to trade up for an organ costing nearly double. Weeks later, the woman had traded up organs twice more to one costing nearly $5,000 and her family confronted Heyder.

But less than a year later, Heyder sold the woman more organs, the sheriff’s office said, including four on a single day in August.

Heyder’s been arrested and charged with felony exploitation of the elderly. He’s currently being held on $10,000 bail. The same article also describes how another elderly Alzheimer’s victim paid out over $90,000 to a landscaper for yard work he never performed. He’s also been arrested and charged with the same crime. Asshats like this almost make me wish there really was a vengeful god out there someplace.

8 thoughts on “Asshat convinces woman with Alzheimer’s to buy 11 organs.

  1. Kee-rist… to show you how bizarre my mind is: when I first read the headline, I thought it was about “organs” like livers and kidneys! LOL

    What a cruel and heartless thing to do, and I’m with you in the sorta wishing there WERE a just god to mete out some smackdown on such an evil character.

  2. Normally I would read this article and agree with the pub;ic consensus. In this case however, I have first hand knowledge of this situation and there is much less & more to this story. First of all most of the facts reported in this case are bogus. Sensationalization by the media when it comes to retirement folks in Florida is a daily occurence. THe public will never see the real facts regarding this case because when the truth comes out it will not be sensational.
    It just goes to show you, the mainstream press rarely gets it right and they havent here either.
    Do not believe everything you read.

  3. This happened to my grandmother—people kept calling her to tell her she won money and she gave them something like $10,000.  She’s recovered only some of it…these scams on the elderly disgust me.

  4. Well this sort of thing just goes to show you that all sorts of people will believe anything they read without knowing all the details. I know this man. And I’m here to tell you this. The family that made the accusations have changed their story and are now confessing that they never told him that she has a disease only that she had a disability.

    People are often quick to judge the elderly as “Incompetent” to make their own decisions. Well I know about 100+ people that are upset that the news media has painted this picture of them.
    As for the vengeful god comment. He should take his rath out on the media and people with opinons on matters they know nothing of the facts or details.

  5. This story is nothing I personaly know a local dairy farmer in southern Minnesota who has ben scammed out of over %200,000 in the last 8 years by a local Radioshack manager selling the 38 year old farmer over 250 cellphones, 20 computers, and now the latest 5 satellite radios, witch he purchased and then was talled into giving the fully activated unit to a worker. This farmer has has a $18,000 Sprint cellular bill for 2 months of billing with a wireless cellular card, me and afew freinds have tried to help the poore man out but with no succes, Im afraid more people are being taken by this manager!!

  6. I happen to know first hand how the whole lowery business works.  Trade ‘em up….and as fast as you can!!!  Get their money before they die….The elderly have more expendible income the the rest of the population…go get it!  Lowery practically shoves it down the sales peoples throat…

    This is also why I am not in that line of work anymore………I have a soul thank you

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