A proposition…

Let me run this idea by all of you SEB Readers: since we often use entire entries for posting a simple link, maybe we should start a del.icio.us account for posting links. We could send out the username/password to all trustworthy SEB members, and Les, Zilch, THEOCRAT, Me, Consi, Socialist Swine, DOF, GeekMom and all the other SEB regulars could post our favourite links about various topics you’d expect to SEE on SEB. Using del.icio.us’s Daily Blog Posting Capabilities, all the links collected each day could be seen on the SEB homepage.

Or if you’d rather just keep posting links in whole entries or in the comments, that’s fine too.

6 thoughts on “A proposition…

  1. Hmm, that’s a good idea.  Sometimes I see a nifty link and would like to share it with the SEB community, but unless it is germane to a comment there really isn’t a place to do it.

    (Although, I do find del.icio.us’ URL name annoyingly cute hmmm )

  2. Yeah, Les, that sounds liek a good idea.  I have often had to pass up a link because it didn’t really fit into any of the categories- heh, I have used the Rant heading recently to try to make something fit! wink

  3. Great to hear positive feedback.

    And Warbi, being called “Les” is the greatest compliment I’ve received today. :p

  4. D’ohhhhhh!!!!!  Well, as long as no offense is taken.  Hahahaha SOmething tells me I need to pay more attention.  lol red face

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