1UP.com has a preview of Katamari sequel.

I’m still playing the original Katamari Damacy and loving every minute of it so needless to say I’m really looking forward to the sequel aptly named We Love Katamari that’s due sometime this year. The folks over at 1UP.com have a preview up that fills us in on what to expect.

Make no mistake: Those expecting a sequel every bit as bold and innovative as the original will be disappointed. We Love Katamari isn’t about creating a new paradigm or redefining gaming. The point here isn’t to reinvent the wheel (or the katamari, as the case may be) but rather to give gamers new playgrounds in which to roll up new objects. Takahashi and the rest of the Katamari team appear simply to be exploring the concepts they laid down in the first game, building on the core gameplay with new objectives in new settings, no longer confined to the urban Japanese environments of the first game. In other words, they’re truly banking on the hope that everyone loves Katamari Damacy—and loves it enough to play through the same basic experience a second time, at that.

In fact, even the plot of this sequel is built around the warm reception accorded the first game. Although Namco remains a bit evasive about the story’s specifics, the crux is that the cold-hearted King and his poor put-upon son are taking fan requests. We’re not sure if the Prince is still trying to clean up after his father’s cosmic-scale destruction by rolling up katamaris to serve as new stars (we’ve heard both yes and no), but either way he’s taking orders from a new boss: Katamari fans.

The multiplayer mode returns with a bit more to it this time around including an option for cooperative play where both players have to work together to move the katamari around. The environments will be more varied as well moving beyond simple homes and urban environments to include the bottom of the ocean and famous locales such as Paris. If it’s half as fun as the first one then it’ll be a must buy.


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