You do not understand the power of the dark side!


3 thoughts on “You do not understand the power of the dark side!

  1. for those who think that the dark side is stronger than the good side.for the world this time round is doomed due to chaos in which we are all inflicted with.when nature is egnored nature will fight back as you can see.god wanted us to evolve into good people and not into hopeless people.we all take our planet for granted and abuse what god has given us this is because we have become hopeless people.for the people that egnore the facts of life for you are a part of the dark side.for those who respect god and the true force of nature then you will be saved from the dark side.the question you are asking yourself is what is the true force of nature i would be worried

  2. What the hell does that have to do with the subject of this entry? Man, I love it when the morons come out to play.

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