Thoughts on the new Pope

At the risk of annoying Les by talking about the Pope again, I’d like to offer a few thoughts on the election of Pope Benedict XVI (previously known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger). Personally I believe that the church could have chosen someone better as their supreme leader, and here’s why:

  1. First of all, he’s even more conservative than his predecessor, John Paul II. The Catholic church has attracted criticism for its conservative stances on subjects like AIDS and condoms before, and how it covered up child abuse allegations by Catholic priests. A more liberal Pope would take a more tolerant line on contraception which might just stop the HIV epidemic that is sweeping Africa right now.
  2. Ratzinger also has a reputation for being rather reactionary. The Vatican has made various reactionary statements about current affairs in the past and I imagine that this is only going to continue, to the church’s detriment.
  3. Ratzinger is old. He’s 78 – only 6 years younger than the age at which John Paul II died a few weeks ago. If the Catholic church wanted a strong leader to guide its followers for years to come then they have picked the wrong man. Instead, we may well have the same puppetted figure as before.

I fear that not only will we see the death of this Pope within many of our lifetimes but that the next few years will not see the revolution in the church that some of us had been hoping for. At best we can expect more of the same, but it has the potential to get a lot worse.

30 thoughts on “Thoughts on the new Pope

  1. Mmmmh, you know, with so many cardinals appointed by JPII, I never really expected any real reformist canidate.

    I think he won’t be that worse than JPII though, since he’s simply going to follow the SAME line on the points that rile ‘us’ (liberals, believeing or non-believing) as JPII did.

  2. Given that all but two or three of the voting cardinals were, themselves, appointed by JPII, it’s not surprising they came up with someone in a similar vein.

    I actually think Benedict’s age is a plus (from my own selfish perspective).  I see him as the “stay-the-course guy” who will satisfy the conservatives while the Church considers what sort of person to bring in *next* time—which is likely to be within a decade, given Ratzinger’s age and health.

    The fact is, Benedict XVI will not be as popular a figure as John Paul II was.  As such, the JPII legacy will not be as overwhelming next time the cardinals meet.

    I hope.


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  5. Isaiah,
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  6. I’ll second what ***Dave said.

    The nicest thing I can say about Ratzinger is that he’s old. Still, I wonder what will come from electing the head of the modern-day Inquisition…

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  9. Last time I checked I can easily delete your comments if you continue to piss me off. If you’re not going to at least try and adhere to the topic at hand then I reserve the right to remove your comments altogether. Something I don’t generally like to do, but don’t challenge my authority on my own website.

  10. Last time I checked I don’t need the Kings permission to fornify the one I love.

    Guess he really is a Jesus humper.
    Anyway, Elvis isn’t available to give you his permission. 

    its nice to know that all the aborted children are with him right now.

    We know how you strive to keep the children from Jesus, but he doesn’t sound like the Michael Jackson type to me.  I’m sure god looks in from time to time.

    And back to the pope…
    since Tom Delay was an exterminator, shouldn’t his name have been Ratzinger? 

    And the pic I saw today, the look in his eyes had me imagining him saying “No one expects the German inquisition!”  Pope Torquemada I

    Seems he was referred to as the “Panzercardinal” –  guess it’s “Panzerpope” now.

    Looks like most of us are high on the shit list. 

    On Monday, Ratzinger, who was the powerful dean of the College of Cardinals, used his homily at the Mass dedicated to electing the next pope to warn the faithful about tendencies that he considered dangers to the faith: sects, ideologies like Marxism, liberalism, atheism, agnosticism and relativism

  11. I will allow my normally impeccable standards to slip just this once and indulge in an ad nominem: the new Pope really zings rats.

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  12. thanks, progressive porker, but of course the Godcouple wrote that- I’m just a sinning squealer.

  13. Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I was kind of excited when I heard Ratzinger became pope.  I think it would be kind of fun to see someone take the church back into the dark ages.  Sometimes it takes extremism juxtaposed with our modern society to show how ridiculous things are.  I can’t imagine he’ll be winning any converts in this country, but then again, there are an amazing number of stupid people.

    Since every other post has been off-topic: We have several churches around us that have bill-boards with stupid ‘sayings’ on them.  They are always fun to read.  Some of the more recent ones:

    1. “Stop, drop and roll doesn’t work in hell”
    2. “Jesus is love”

    Now, being an engineer, number 2 reads to me “Jesus = love”.  So my wife and I kept saying “I jesus you” all weekend.  But it also works in many other ways like “Do you want to make jesus tonight?”, or “I really jesus the weather today”. 

    Perhaps a thread on church billboards is in order?

  14. Last time I checked I don’t need the Kings permission to fornify the one I love.  Prove?  I guess I am trying to prove abortion is murder based on an oxymorn.  Jesus loves you and its nice to know that all the aborted children are with him right now.

    Isaiah 9:6

    Fornify?  FORNIFY?  Is it a word?  Is that what priests do to little altar boys?  Is this the new pope in disguise?

    Oooh.  I am so confused.

  15. Almost a new and exciting way to commit blasphemy chad. So I can burn in hell away from the “saved”.
    grin  Right on.

    I’ll have to agree. I wasn’t all excited until I heard that we had a pope time travel from when the world was flat. Im sure that’ll be next. Most of the ring kissers I have spoken with do not like this guy one bit; they really liked the dead guy. What was his name again? A Mormon ‘Elder’ I cube with thinks its a good thing.. ‘an opportunity for spiritual enlightnement & time for one to reflect internally’ & ‘it takes all kinds’ I’m still trying to figure out what the hell that means.

  16. What I love is that every news agency has mentioned that he was head of the Congregation of the Indoctrination of the Faith, but has avoided saying the said congregations more common name, the Inquisition.

    Sure it’s now a completely internal thing, and nobody’s getting tortured, but I find it amusing to see all the news people skipping around saying that word.

  17. i’ve heard on drudgereport that the new pope smells like bratwurst and sauerkraut.  EWWWW

  18. An hour before the pope’s election was announced yesterday, I told a (super catholic) friend:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they elected a nazi pope, like Adolf I?

    If God exists, I guess he does listen. But as Voltaire said, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”…

    Go back to yer southern skool and read my open letter to people like you.

  19. Isaiah said: Last time I checked I don’t need the Kings permission to fornify the one I love.

    Fornify?  FORNIFY?  Is it a word?  Is that what priests do to little altar boys?  Is this the new pope in disguise?

    Oooh.  I am so confused.

    Cindi, think about it.  Obviously, a person of Isaiah’s acumen should not be restricted to existing words- if he needs a new meaning, he is entitled to create a new word.  As I read it, “fornify” is the miscegenation of “fortify” and “fornicate”, and means (as Ragman astutely surmised) “to hump with vigor, thereby giving and receiving sustenance”.  Isaiah has transified the intransitive “fornicate”, but a little poetic licence is in order…

    Btw, perhaps some of you didn’t know that “thumping” as in “Bible thumping” is actually a contraction of “true humping”, meaning of course “fornifying the Lord”.  The converse, “false humping”, originally “fhumping”, got twisted in the Middle English Second Consonant Shift to “fucking”.

  20. Ah, Zilch, thank you for the clarification.  Good to know I can fornify myself with a little serious fhumping.  I think.  Ow.

    I learn so much from you guys.

  21. I am so glad I wasn’t drinking anything hot when I read Zilch’s last comment.

    Seriously, Les.  I had to close my office door; I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself.  “Fhumping” and “fornify” are now words I will try to   work into every conversation.  I will dazzle everyone with my stolen brilliance.

    I guess seriously wrong people like Isaiah do serve a purpose, after all.  They are put here for our amusement.

  22. I think maybe the Catholic Church is somewhat of a mystery to you:) Just because it is popular to kill unborn children in society does not mean popular oppinion can force the Church to get a Pope to change Gods law:)Just because women have a desire to be priests does not mean the Church will appease them because it is politically correct.Anyway I get kind of tickled about the fuss that is made over the “conservative Pope” comments,someday you will find out popular oppinion does not control everyone and just because it is popular does not make it right.God Bless
    PS To the dude with the beard:)That beard rocks!

  23. Just because women have a desire to be priests does not mean the Church will appease them because it is politically correct.

    You said it, Lisa.  And that (among other reasons) is why Catholics are leaving the Church in droves.

  24. just because it is popular does not make it right

    1 billion Catholics couldn’t possibly be wrong!

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