The Ultimate Home Theater.

Some people take their movie watching very seriously. Steven Jenkins (no relation unfortunately though we both have listings in the IMDB) decided that he wanted to have the experience of going to the movies without ever leaving home so over the course of two years he set about making his dream into a reality.

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Wow! His site has photos of the before and after stages as well as the construction and complete listing of the media equipment he used. Someday I shall be rich and I will do one better, but until then I can drool over what a fellow Jenkins has accomplished.

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Home Theater.

  1. Now he just needs material in real DVD successor media with full HDTV resolution instead of some crappy “HD”-DVD.

    BluRay would give double capacity compared to crap called HD-DVD but surprise surprise, most of Hollywood is behind it. Which is no wonder… it gives them possibility to sell same stuff again (with again higher price) after low capacity of HD-DVD becomes problem!

    HD-DVD gives ~24GB with two layer, BluRay gives 25GB with ONE layer and 50GB with two.
    And for comparison double layer DVD (DVD9) has capacity of 9GB, now remember that with longer movies compression becomes noticeable… and full-res HDTV video requires something like five times as much space! So even with much better codec than MPEG2 there won’t be any space left for extras.

  2. I’ve already started. My floors are sticky and there’s gum on the undersides of my seats.

  3. Sorry to interrupt, but would you please tell Anne’s Id and Ego that we have been looking at game figures long enough and she needs to write more about Melvin and how the exercise routine is working out…..
    Thanks so much…

  4. Nice set up. Not to be a downer but I can’t help but wonder how much dough he could have made if he had invested it instead of building that room. To each his own but that much cash would make a nice addition to my retirement fund.

  5. well techman,what are you gonna do in your retirement,you boring prick – buy a campervan and tour national parks?.Surely theres an investment site you’d be more at home at.Find yourself some imagination,then check back with us – actually dont.
    Personally I was amazed and thrilled to browse those shots;Thats what lifes about,getting as much fun out of it as possible,not being a miser and saving for the end of your days.

  6. Im gonna have to agree with Techman and Frumpa on some levels. I wouldnt chastize anyones retirement plans or any plan that lends itself to the future well being of an individual. Albeit, boring. No plan is ever flawless and Im sure theres more to it than RVing ones way across the countryside. (one hopes anyway)
    Then again sometimes the simple plans are the best ones and run a higher risk of successful execution.

    Back to the the threads…. I think this home theater is a bitchen one. The major costs are electronics and lighting at worst. (I think the backlighting is a nice touch on the ceiling)  As for the rest of the construction, Probably a relatively low cost Item. Sheetrock, Mud, paint and time. Definately the work of a creative individual. A fine example of craftsmanship on any level. Me like. But Im sure it all costs something in the end.

  7. I’m with Qoayn on this one. I can’t fault Techman if he wants to do things differently. It’s not like there haven’t been areas in my life that others saw as wasted opportunities I failed to take advantage of. Just ask my Mom. grin There’s nothing wrong with being boring. I think a lot of folks would be surprised how boring my own life is at times.

    That said I’d love having a home theater like that, but I know I’d have to be rich enough to pay someone else to do it all for me as I have neither the skills nor the know how to do it myself.

  8. Excellent article!  It is nice to see someone doing it right.

    I have felt the disgust of going to the movie theaters, especially now that they are overrun with commercials (whoever thought up “the 2wenty” should have their heart gouged out with a rusty spoon) and people without home training.

    I look forward to the day when I have a house again and can use Steven’s project as an inspiration.

    Note to techman: if your “fund” is not going to give you a return of more than 8%, then you’re probably getting chumped. There are other ways of investing that you might investigate.

  9. As far as investments are concerned, I have had a few friends do well in the market and others I have known to do poorly. All returned to the 8 to 5 citing stress as the primary reason. [all e-traders] 401k pans out okay.. if you have matching up to say 4/5% and you get a tax break out of the deal. it’s easy to achieve 8% annually.

    My personal projects I gear to break even and only keep these hands from being idle. This only reminds me of all of my 90% complete projects. Most of which dont even begin to break even and are strictly for personal gratification. There are a few however that
    I hope payout stupid big. (Its looking like the housing market here jumped again.. 33% in march) Homeownership is nothing but blood sweat and tears (and equity):lol: . 
    Yay equity!
    When you buy a ‘fixer-upper’ for those of you that have been there I’m sure you can relate to the all night plumbing repairs and the 8-5 job followed by the 6-2am home repair job(s). If your gonna buy stock – Home Despot is where its at. I havnt ever driven by one that hasnt been packed to the tits with knucklehead homeowners like myself.
    Fighting for lumber and gnawing at each others arms trying to sever the last scratch and dent ratcheting 95-in-one portable grout launcher from the death grip of a faster idiot. I digress.. ..this reminds me of projects unfinished and time needed that I just dont have and sweat that I’ll never get back.. ..but is still fucking cool.

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