Stupid migraines.

I’ve spent most of the day fighting off a mild migraine and a minor depression that came along with it so I’ve ether been vegetating in front of the TV or sleeping. It’s amazing how numbing the television can be when you need to stop thinking about life and all the looming problems in it for awhile. Got my alarm clock set for 8AM so I can try to get the unemployment thing going though I’m worried I’ll have to reactivate it, again, and wait until the 28th, again, with the way my luck is going.

Makes my head hurt more just thinking about it… so I’m going to go to bed now and see if the morning doesn’t bring with it a more positive outlook.

Oh, one more thing: Thanks to the couple of folks who sent a little lovin’ my way via the donation links in the sidebar. It’s greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Stupid migraines.

  1. I’m sorry bout the headache.  Been suffering myself today … headache and depression.  Definitely not a good combination.

    Chin up! smile

  2. Doin’ my best. I feel a lot better this morning. Just finished the call to the automated unemployment line so I’ve finally gotten that all straightened out.

    Shame I’m not a baseball fan as it appears today is opening day for the Tigers. Should be a good day for it as it’s supposed to be sunny with a high of 62 degrees. Spring definitely seems to have arrived here in Michigan.

  3. Seems to me that you get migraines frequently enough that they should be treating you with something.  It took 30 years of trying every drug that came out for them to find something that works for me.  My treatment involves a rather radical concept as far as pain management, but by god it works and keeps me out of the emergency room.  Hell,it took me almost that long to find a neurologist that took it seriously.  I actually had an ER nurse tell me that if it was “really a migraine, Excedrin for Migrianes” would get rid of it.  Imagine.  Stupid bitch.  If morphine doesn’t get rid of it, what makes people think aspirin will.

    Truly, I feel your pain.

  4. Good to hear you got the unemployment thing worked out.  Don’t you miss talking to real people insteadof machines?  Wait. I guess I should say don’t you miss talking to smart people instead of machines?

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