“Star Wars” coming to the little screen.

According to this Cinescape article, George Lucas plans to develop a couple of television series based in the Star Wars universe:

In Indianapolis over the weekend at a fan convention, George Lucas announced that Lucasfilm is making plans for two new TV series that would continue his STAR WARS epic.

The first project Lucas told the crowd would be a 3-D animated half-hour show that expands on the Cartoon Network’s CLONE WARS.

He went on to reveal that his company is also working on a live action series that would focus on the supporting characters in the STAR WARS film series.

Lucas also revealed that the company is working on a spinoff live-action series that would focus on some of the supporting characters who’ve been introduced in the various movies.

Both shows would be set during the time between SITH and A NEW HOPE.

There was a time when this would make me really excited, but that was before the last two prequels were released. Now it just leaves me with a mixture of hope and dread at the bigger mess Lucas might make of one of my all time favorite movie series. Please just don’t let him make a show that focuses mainly on the exploits of Jar-Jar Binks. Please.

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  1. Only if one of those shows is a better produced version of “Troops” would I have any positive feelings towards this move. Otherwise, I would opt for the cynical route and be forced to believe that Lucas is actually an economic hitman and he’s about to take out the U.S. economy by completely draining the bank accounts of all remaining Star Wars fanboys. Lucas will then initiate a hostile takeover of Microsoft and, then, the world.

    We’ll be forced into a living nightmare of bad dialogue, shallow character development, and cheap wipe transistions.

    On the plus side, there’ll be lightsabers, X-wings, and “the force”. However, chaos will ensue as jedi and sith masters fight to take James Randi’s offer for that million dollars.

    Hmm. Not the brightest of futures, but not the darkest either, eh?

  2. I’m not much of a Star Wars fan myself, but I married one and count a number of diehard fanboys among my social circle.  It would appear that Les’ “hope and dread” feelings are the norm when it comes to any new releases.

    The mercenary part of me can’t help but admire Lucas’ ability to capitalize on the seemingly endless revenue stream this property generates. Go figure.

    Only if one of those shows is a better produced version of “Troops

  3. Of all the hundreds of cool and wonderful things that could be done with such a television series, how much do you want to bet Lucas avoids every single one of them? 
    They should hand over the concept to the people who wrote and created KOTOR (not 2)… That was some excellent SW storytelling without the focus on toy sales.
    – Matt

  4. I somehow think that as with other things, you can be less enamoured over time by huge and fantastical productions like as the last few star wars flicks. This is always compounded when a poor storyline is incorperated into the mix and even loyal fans cant help but feel jaded.

    I have enjoyed Star Wars for a long time now.
    The digital work is often fantastic although the storyline seems to flow poorly at times and some scenes we could have used more/less of. All in all I still enjoy it and would watch the hell out of it if it flowed like “Band of Brothers”.  Damn that was good. Hopefully it doesnt turn out like StarGate did. Of course that pretty much sucks all around. Either way Ill probably watch it off and on for at least a season.

  5. The TV series will never happen, i promise you—-this is just pre-episode III hype and will fade.  Episode II was awesome for anyone who missed it.  I hate the idiots who say both prequels sucked.  You don’t know what you are talking about

  6. Thanks for the input Mr. Penetration.  Always good to hear from the 10 year old crowd that the prequels were meant for.

  7. Nice job, Matt, by mocking a person’s age with no basis whatsoever.  That might be a whole step above calling him ‘gay’ for liking movies that others dislike.

    Aside from the crappy love story and some bad acting, I think episode two is a great movie.  I think art design is one of the defining characteristics of movies, and episode 2 had easily some of the best art design of any movie.

  8. In my opinion Episode II was definitely better than Episode I if for no other reason than seeing Yoda kick some ass. That said, Episode II still doesn’t live up to any of the following episodes.

    I have no idea if the TV series will happen or not, but then, had you asked me, I wouldn’t have thought the Star Wars Holiday Special with (of all people) Bea Arthur could ever happen either, but it did. Oh please make the horror stop!!

  9. KotOR II was at least 100x better than KotOR if you did in the residual data files through the material that was cut due to time constraints, and possible conspiracy on the part of Lucasarts, what with it would have been darker than Episode III hands down.  There’s one industrious fan over on the Obsidian Forums (Aurora for those wondering) who’s working on a mod that will add in all the cut stuff.  There were voiceovers, and basically everything except for the animations (which are fairly simple to recreate with the tools the KotOR mod community has made) for these cut parts, all hidden in the aether of the discs (PC Version only).

  10. I just found the holiday special on P2P, so it’s not impossible to find…

    If you’re insane enough to watch it after reading that review…

  11. I am 32 years old and grew up on Star Wars.  One of the first movies i can ever remember seeing was Episode IV at the drive thru with my parents when i was 4 years old.  But Attack of the Clones is still an awesome movie.

  12. Don’t be so gay, Christopher.  Anywho, I was responding to the idea that people who didn’t like the prequels were ‘idiots’, and not simply expecting more from a franchise that used to be something worthwhile.  My apologies all around for my snide remarks… even the one above that I could have removed by now, but refuse to. 
    And yes, I agree with Les, ‘II’ = Better than ‘I’, but all prequels < IV-VI.  III is looking good thus far… might be a redeemer.
    – Matt

  13. Kevin Smith did a review of it.  I won’t read it because of spoilers, but he was VERY excited about it.  http://viewaskew.com/news/sith/

    “Revenge of the Sith” is, quite simply, fucking awesome. This is the “Star Wars” prequel the haters have been bitching for since “Menace” came out, and if they don’t cop to that when they finally see it, they’re lying. As dark as “Empire” was, this movie goes a thousand times darker –

  14. Kevin Smith is also in line as a possible director of the Star Wars TV Series so he is…biased, to say the least.

  15. We’re all biased to some degree. Kevin Smith is a long-time die hard Star Wars fan who didn’t hold back his negative opinion on the first two movies. If he says he thought it was good then I have no reason to doubt he’s being honest, but then again Kevin has liked stuff that I haven’t as well.

    That said I think Kevin taking on the SW stuff on the small screen might actually be a great thing if it were to come to pass simply due to his passion for all things Star Wars.

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