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Well, the job search continues. I’m still waiting to hear from the two possibilities I mentioned earlier and I just received a phone call about a third possibility. I have a phone number to contact the folks who interviewed me about the travel tech support job and it’s been two weeks since I last talked to them so I gave them a ring today to see if a decision has been made. The good news is that they still haven’t made a final decision. The bad news is they’ve been swamped and haven’t been able to get around to doing the second round of interviews with those of us set to have one and they’re at a convention this week so I probably won’t hear anything from them until early next week, but at least I’m still under consideration.

The folks behind the job opportunity with the contract house I was working for previously still haven’t contacted me about a second interview so I sent off an email to the fellow I’d been dealing with there to see what the status is. The third opportunity that just came up would put me back at the automotive company I was working for previously in a different building supporting a testing environment that would be mainly PC based, though with some UNIX and webpage work tossed in. In short, pretty much a match for my skill base and the pay rate would put me right about where I was when I left, though for a different contract house. Not that I have a big problem with that at this point. I’m willing to work for just about anyone who’s willing to give me a job. Hopefully one of these three will come through before too much longer as my savings has dropped below the $2,000 mark which means paying all the bills next month is going to be a big challenge using unemployment checks (assuming they start coming soon). Whooeeee! Being unemployed is SO much fun!

In other completely unrelated news, it appears that Peter Fredson didn’t take too kindly to the attempts at constructive criticism he received on one of his last entries not too long ago. I haven’t seen a submission from him since which is a bit of a shame in some respects. It does remind me that I’m behind on my news reading and, thusly, my ranting about various things and that I need to get my butt moving and get more new content up here soon.

There’s been a few submissions from some newer members, but I’m not sure if they fully understand what it’s supposed to be used for. Some of them have read more like they were intended to be emails addressed to me than entries for SEB itself. A couple were written in chat-speak which is a sure-fire way to get me to not publish it—unless your intent is satire and I’m pretty sure these entries weren’t intended as such. I don’t have big expectations of proper grammar or letter-perfect spelling, but I do expect you to type out the word “you” instead of abbreviating it as “U.”

I’ve turned off the random-code on the end of trackbacks feature in EE mainly because someone’s been testing a new trackback spam script that has no trouble dealing with that attempt at security whereas other blog packages often choke on it. I’ve also modified the comments listing so that trackbacks will be displayed inline with the comments to make it easier to spot when someone has written more on a topic someplace else. Additionally, I’ve got a few ideas for a new layout for the site that I hope to someday turn into realities assuming I can come up with the needed graphics it would take. And that I can successfully get the idea out of my head and into the computer. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

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  1. Just guessing Les,
        I’ll bet U.I. runs the same in the States as Canada.  They don’t send you money for about 6-8 weeks in some form of deluded attempt to make you look harder for a job.  This only succeeds in increasing your stress level.  Best case scenario, it all shows up in one big check, two days after you start the new job,and BEFORE your broke.
    good luck, stay positive, I know it’s hard.

  2. Somehow I believe Peter was not affected by the criticism, he has too much fire to go out like that.  If you are looking for more writers I would be happy to submit some items to you.  Maybe I could write something that Peter would rip into. 

    I apologize to Peter, Les, and everyone else for the items I wrote in response to Peter’s blog.  I felt my criticism was fair, but I am also greatful you give the readers the opportunity to comment.  Many other bloggers simply turn comments off. 

    Les, I am starting a community/blogging type portal for the World of Warcraft and I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing to it periodically.  The site is currently under construction but I should have it up shortly.  It is running off Expression Engine and I am quite pleased with the way it is turning out.  I will let you know when I have it finished.


  3. No need to apologize for your comments, John. The reason I have them turned on, in part, is so people can criticize in hopes that some of it will be constructive and I can learn from it. I also thought your comments were fair and constructive so I have no problems with them.

    It’s up to Peter whether or not he wants to continue to participate here and whichever way he decides will be fine with me. If you have things you’d like to contribute then please feel free. It’s not so much that I’m looking for more writers as much as I enjoy giving folks the chance to share in the readership I’ve managed to acquire. Honestly, I feel most of the responsibility for writing should fall on my shoulders as its my blog. grin But there are a lot of folks out there who have stuff to say that’s worth hearing.

    Lately so many of them have started their own blogs (DOF, DeadScot) or have developed those blogs so well (UTI) that I’ve actually considered giving up blogging altogether as I sometimes feel like I’m just saying the same thing as a lot of other folks; many of whom are saying those things much better than I am. Then I find something that I need to shoot my mouth off about and the thought passes.

    I’d be flattered to participate in whatever undertaking you come up with. I was asked awhile back to participate in another more political blog, but they wanted me to post regularly and I wasn’t sure I could come up with anything interesting to say like clockwork. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I ever responded to that email and said as much. Anyway, I’m just shy of hitting level 60 with my primary character in WoW (Balfour) which is something I expect to do today so I suppose that’ll give me something to talk about.

  4. Whatever happens keep writing, you have a great readership.  You have built a great community. 

    Good job on getting most of the way to level 60.  I have been playing since launch and I have only reached level 43, and the only reason I am that far is rest bonuses.  I spend more time on WOW, working on stuff offline like guild sites.  The Warcraft community is so great and Blizzard has a wealth of graphics to use for fan sites.

    I am just about done with the WOW site.  It won’t be anything too serious, but I would love to have you pop in once in a while and contibute to it.  It might be a break from your other type of blogging.  I think I also have a unique idea behind it that you might find interesting.  I will get back to you with details when I am done.

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