Rent a Titanic inflatable slide for your next party.

If the Pac-Man hat just isn’t tasteless enough for you then how about renting your very own inflatable Titanic slide for your next party?

Complete with looming iceberg, this slide offers some 7 different means of sliding to your pretend death just like so many extras in the now classic James Cameron movie. What’s really interesting, though, is the fact that this is only one of three different variations on this theme the folks at Chinee Inflatables offer.

All joking aside I have to admit that looking through their online catalog I am amazed at the sheer number of different inflatable play environments these folks come up with. In particular the category called Fun City looks like the sort of things kids would have a lot of fun running around in.

2 thoughts on “Rent a Titanic inflatable slide for your next party.

  1. I’d be the wrong person to ask for that kind of information as I don’t have these slides to rent out myself. I’d suggest getting in contact with the Chinese makers of the slide via the website I listed in the article.

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