Quoting the devil

Recently I found the site ChristianShirts.net. As you can probably guess, they sell “Christian” t-shirts, sporting various pro-life, anti-abortion views. Some of them even have quotes from unborn babies and Satan.

Right. Okay. You’re telling me that someone has devised a way of interviewing babies that are still in the womb? Wow, ultrasound must be more advanced than I’d thought.

And Satan? They’re able to send reporters to Hell now, are they? Funny, I thought Hell was somewhere you could never escape.

Other shirts make various claims about how being pro-choice makes you anti-Christian (a statement with which some of my Christian friends would disagree with) and how gay marriage is wrong, again, not a fact universally accepted by all Christians. Which undermines the whole idea of “Christian” shirts, doesn’t it?

In any case, whatever your views are, you have to admit that most of the stock on this site is pretty lame.

17 thoughts on “Quoting the devil

  1. That site got me laughing, at first I thought it was a spoof site, but no people actually buy and wear this stuff? My two favourites that prove these people have no sense of irony were, “confused? Read the directions” and a pic of the bible, as if reading that book ever brought any less confusion than it causes. Second favourite was the one which said “Don’t force your beliefs on me” oh how I wish they’d take their own advice!

  2. I understand your criticism, but actually, I think *some* of them are pretty good.

  3. It’s like a veritable catalogue of Winger-Christian prejudices and lies.  Like the contextless quote from Margaret Sanger which proports to show “the TRUTH about Planned Parenthood:”

    “We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the negro…” was an ironic comment, not a conspiratorial one – but having a sense of irony is not necessarily an asset when communicating with those completely bereft of that attribute.

    Leaders are forced to ask themselves, “Is there any part of this paragraph or even of this sentence which could be taken out of context and made to look like an ideological horror?”  So the level of discourse is pulled down to the lowest, most literal frame. 

    It’s sad and degrading, and worst of all, untruthful – but that does not appear to bother them at all.

  4. Can I post a rant here? The conformation says I didn’t type the word exactly like “call65”.
    than the posting gets lost

  5. This website has been good for me emotionally.I thought the whole country was bible thumping right wing idiots.It’s refreshing to read about topics from people who have critical thinking skills.
    I’m reading the thread from 2003 and 2004 about Kent Hovind, thats how I found this site.He’s the take on my rant.Before I knew who he was, he was just an annoying guy on tapes played in my living room by my conservitive family, but as time went on my animosity torwards his outrageous claims grew.
    After going on the net and reading about him from people with Phd’s and your comments , Les, it just
    confirmed what I already thought, he’s a slick talking snake oil salesman, who fools the masses
    with his seemingly plausable “scienctific” evidence on creation. If I ever have the privilege of posting a comment here again, I’ll try to stick to the current topics.

  6. “Jesus is the reason for season”

    Funny, I thought axial tilt was responsible for that.

  7. Basil, if you’re using a dial-up ISP that uses compression to “speed up” your transfer speed then that might be playing hell with the captchas. AOL users in particular have a hard time with them. If you register a user account, though, then you don’t have to worry about typing in the captchas anymore.

  8. I think my favorite shirt on that site is the one which reads:

    Blacks didn’t choose slavery. (Nope…it was forced upon them by christians who used bible versus to support their position.)
    Jews didn’t choose genocide. (Nope…it was forced upon them by a mad man who used the bible to support his position.)
    babies don’t choose abortion. (Nope…it is forced upon them by people, a huge chunk being christian, seeing as how this is a predominately christian society.)

        Maybe the christians should choose their examples a little more carefully before they wear them around on a nice airy cotton T.

  9. OK les,I had to do a google definition search for ISP and for captchas, because you computer, blogger gurus are light years ahead of where I’ll ever be.Yes I’m using a dial up internet service provider,which uses compression or what ever vehicles the electronic gods have in place; but why am I playing with hell for having a captchas for AOL users ?. I didn’t realize a post could be interpreted as automated spam.If you don’t reply
    it’s ok, I’ll have to dig some knowledge out myself on Google.I’m a hunt and peck typer with an exceedingly poor spelling ability and I always have a dictionary out when on your site, although I don’t always use it. Now I see why a post or blogg if thats the right term, can only be sent if one types “what you see below”.

  10. This website has been good for me emotionally…(and reading other threads, tired of bible-thumpers, glad to see critical thinking, etc.) – Basil

    I feel the same way, Basil.  Even when the subject is something that worries me or pisses me off, it’s reassuring to know there are people who can see through the lies.

    Hope you keep reading and commenting!

  11. You gotta ask yourself: “What would Jesus wear?”
    If he really does exist, I’d rather think he wouldn’t be too keen on these K-Mart 2 for $5 looking graphics and 1st grade level appeals to the emotions. He’d have to have better taste than these wretched things can lay claim to.

    As for me, give me an Hawaiian shirt any day!

  12. DoF- you said it.  Thanks for the link about Margaret Sanger.  I guess there’s no Commandment: Thou shalt not quote out of context.  To this atheist, though, that’s tantamount to lying, and I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that Christians frowned upon bearing false witness.  Live and learn.

    Brock- hmmm….

  13. BTW- my favorite shirt was the one with a pic of Darwin captioned: “Just say No to Evolution”- I guess they mean, if people don’t evolve, eventually they become fundies.  I was a bit disappointed, however, that the “WWMD” shirt translated as “what would Mary do?” and not “what weapons of mass destruction?”

  14. So those are for real shirts…and being that there are so many, I can bet that they sell quite a few…if I ever saw one in public now, I’ll know the source…interesting…ummm…yeah interesting…ya know…maybe ‘cause it’s Monday, maybe ‘cause I’m still bitter about fundie relatives burying an aunt before we knew she had died, maybe it’s the fact that taking away the choice of abortion is a major setback for women or maybe it’s my grandmother banning me from the Episcopal church Easter Sunday because I don’t like Mel’s Passion movie…but those shirts made me sad…

  15. Oh, Zilch, THAT would be awesome!!  WWMD!!

    I like how at the top it says ‘be a fisher of men and a voice for the unborn’, as though it really said that in the bible…
    but Terry Schiavo, the Pope (fighter of Communism), Get stoned like Paul? Holy Shizzle!

    Get stoned like Cheech! 
    Personally, I always preferred ‘satan inside’.

  16. the Pope (fighter of Communism), Get stoned like Paul? Holy Shizzle!

    Get stoned like Cheech! 

    Well, JPII does deserve some credit for fighting Communism.  Unfortunately, that’s not all he fought.  Maybe the shirt should read: “JPII- fighter of Communism (and homosexuals, and women in the priesthood, and contraception, and Liberation Theology…)”.  But I bet it wouldn’t sell as well.  Or maybe it would- a scary thought.

    I can’t compare the two kinds of getting stoned from personal experience, but I’m willing to wager that the one is a lot more pleasant than the other, and more educational too…

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