Pics of the Xbox 360 hit the net.

The folks over at Kikizo Games have what appear to be the first official pics of the Xbox 360:

Click for a bigger pic!

We will say however that while we’re certain these are genuine images, there is still a chance that minor modifications will be made before the machine’s final retail debut – in the same way that minor changes were made to systems like Dreamcast, PSP and DS from their initial designs.

Xbox 360’s sleek and uncluttered design is arguably one of the finest looking home consoles to date. Unquestionably out-classing the original Xbox design, 360’s casing boasts a deceptively simple style that betrays the inevitably monstrous capability of the hardware inside.

The pics were leaked last night to online news sites and confirmed by various contacts, though nothing official from the folks at Microsoft. A second picture shows the side of the new Xbox with the optional hard drive installed, which conforms with the design from a closeup shot released on an viral marketing website for the Xbox 360 that’s been set up called that doesn’t have the hard drive present. So it looks like the cat is out of the bag before the big unveiling event that’s to be held on MTV just before E3.

I have to admit, this design looks a lot better than the previous one. It appears to confirm that the controllers will be wireless as well seeing as there are no controller ports to speak of. Will this be enough for Microsoft to wrest away domination of the console market from Sony?

10 thoughts on “Pics of the Xbox 360 hit the net.

  1. Maybe controllers fit in that odd slot on the far right.I think I heard somewhere it stands on its side too – maybe the left side i’m guessing.Nevertheless,I hope not..Gimmicks are only ever gimmicks – in a few months all the tinsel and firecrackers to liven it up will be forgotten and only the quality will be remembered (as before).
    Glad they kept it relatively simple looking – the last one looked like it was made of Lego for Jeebers sake!

  2. Then again,as ive whinged about before,the lazer will probably pack it in in a year,so stuff ‘em – PC’s for me!

  3. I wonder what this means for PS3? Sony gonna loose in the console race? I mean, they took that legal hit in Cali not too long ago.. theyve lost the portable media race with thier MiniDisk fiasco..

    the new one looks sweet.. yummy mod land coming i can smell it. Im still bent though.

  4. I’m both a PC and console gamer. There’s just some games that seem better on one than the other. First Person Shooters, for example, are strictly a PC thing for me. I own one or two for the consoles and I can barely stand playing them. Platformers, though, are a console must.

    That said I’ve never been able to convince myself to buy an Xbox for the simple reason that it’s basically a PC that isn’t as powerful as the one I’ve got next to my desk. That and any of the games that have come out for it that I absolutely HAD to have also came out for the PC. Not true for my PS2.

  5. Does anyone besides me think this Xbox looks even more like a PC (on the outside) than the last one.  I gotta admit though, it does look purdy.

  6. will it still be able to play audio CD’s?  That’s the only use for my Xbox now.

  7. I think Jesus actually would hate me if he were real.  I can be a real jerk sometimes according to my girlfriend.

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