Monitor Screen Cleaner

It’s time for an AHHH, HOW CUTE! moment.

21 thoughts on “Monitor Screen Cleaner

  1. Hmmm. That’s odd. I could’ve sworn I’d written an entry about that previously, but I can’t seem to locate it. Oh well. Glad Brock was around to make sure it got noted properly seeing as I apparently can’t remember what the hell I’ve written about it the past.

  2. I’m pretty certain you did (as did I), but it’s *still* cute.

    Evidently my mother-in-law turned on the sound, and *her* cat attacked the monitor.

  3. Hey do you think we could get Molly and Melvin to work on the outside?  Then if that worked I got several windows in the house to do.

  4. You mean there’s sound? My speakers were turned off and I hadn’t even thought there might be sound to it?

    Les, did you mean you wrote about this Flash movie before or that you had
    written an article on how to turn things like this into screensavers. If it’s the latter, I hope you can find it and share. If you meant the former, I apologize for repeating.

    Something tells me Momma, that if there’s housework to be done, cats will be the last ones we should count on to help. Still, good lick with that.

  5. Thanks, Brock.  That is ultracute.  I also tried to screensave it (if I may verb a noun) on my Mac to no avail- I too would appreciate any tips.

  6. Damn thing hacked up a furball!  On the INSIDE of my monitor.  What a pain!

    And I blame you, SEB!!  Dammitall!

  7. Les,
    I posted it in January, and I thought you did about the same time… but I forgot all about it, so it was good for a repost anyway smile

    Off topic question, how did you get the trackbacks in line with comments above?

  8. Buzz, that happens sometimes. It’s mentioned in the EULA. You did read the EULA, right?

    John, here’s the section of the docs that explain how to do it. I just added a couple more CSS classes to make them stand out.

  9. Double dipping cause it’s my blog and to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it…

    Buzz, if you’re not happy with that screen cleaner then perhaps this one would be more to your liking.

  10. Damn you Dead God and your links which make giant breasts appear on my screen. Sitting in campus computer lab…

    C’mon, Sepharo, everyone knows that’s all you guys in the campus computer lab do anyway…

  11. Hey, sorry to drag it back up, but I just found a website selling this and loads of others as screensavers for PC and mobile!

    It involves buying it though, and I’m not sure it’s that cute… oh oh
    The Slurps

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